Such a 10-year marriage: are you tired? Im exhausted!

 Such a 10-year marriage: are you tired? Im exhausted!

You can not love, but you cant insult.

Insult or disgrace, love to the end, a word is enough to kill marriage, not only a persons total despair, but also lost the final dependence on marriage, since all tired, let go.

Like life. Innumerable overtime, innumerable rejected times, innumerable lonely sleepless nights, innumerable times of distress for money, the more I live, the more tired I am.

Like feelings. There are always some people who pay more, there are always people who cry more, there are always people who get off the bus on the way, and some people are hurt. The more they love, the more afraid they are.

And the most tired, the most frightening, or there is a bad life, but also inseparable marriage.

Ten years ago, I met my husband in the army and got married 4 months later. When she married, she only knew that he was from his hometown in rural areas, and there were two younger brothers. even he did not know his monthly income, because he said, I am a soldier, I value honor, you have to support me, and she once thought, anyway, I have income, as long as my personality is good, treat me well...

But what about the facts?

After marriage, he never gave her half of his income. Instead, he sent it all to his rural parents, who then distributed them to two incompetent brothers. Even if she was pregnant and had children, she even longed for a stable residence.

Ten years after marriage, his two younger brothers bought a house and started a family, but she still lives in the school dormitory.

After 10 years of marriage, her children and living expenses are borne by her alone, because he said, your income is not lower than mine, and women should be independent.

After 10 years of marriage, she thought about divorce countless times, but he said, you dont support my work, you despise me, you dont have family feelings, you only know the personal feelings of children...

Until this year, the 10th anniversary of their marriage, as if he had forgotten her birthday, as if there was no such thing. Even on the night when she and her children were feverish, it was still the sentence you dont know how to drive. You can go to the hospital by yourself. When she took the children and both of them went back to the dormitory, the child asked, Mom, Im 10 years old, why dont I have my own? Room let her completely cry, cant bear to send a message to him, ask I am tired, are you tired? Then shut down.

Yes, no matter how he replied, she was very tired, and more than mood.

Mingyi believes that too many marriages begin with hope, end with the loss of hope, or even no longer hope.