Once you get sick, you get it.

 Once you get sick, you get it.

The perennial stay up late, irregular diet, frequent business trips, let my body report early warning.

Fortunately, it was just a small operation, in the words of the doctor: just relax.

My companys partner who has done the same operation also said, it doesnt matter.

Before the operation, I was in the bottle

This is my first time in the operating room and my first general anesthesia.

Lying on the operating table, the first word that jumped into my mind was to be slaughtered..

From anesthesia to the end of surgery, out of the observation room, less than 2 hours.

I feel like time is going slower than usual.

When we got to the inpatient department, the strength of narcotic drugs had not yet gone down completely;

I asked the assistant for my cell phone.

More than ten working groups received tiktok and a few of the flick movies were also examined.

I didnt tell too many people about the operation except my assistant and a few company partners.

He asked my friends about it and everyone told him that I was on a business trip.

He also sent me messages to wear masks and eat well.

At that time, I filled in the hospital information and replied to him: Yes.

Grandpa tiktok didnt read the official account of Beihai, and I hope you can keep it secret for me.

My operation started at 1:30 p.m

To be honest, I appreciate this little operation.

In the past nine months of 2020, too many people and things have changed dramatically.

At the beginning, a friend who went to Shenzhen to start a business by himself went back to Qingdao quietly.

Sitting on the subway to find me to eat, a suit is not as good as it was, we all tacit understanding did not mention.

Once a meal can eat 12 steamed buns, the most palatable friend, suffering from gastric cancer;

Smoking, wine, spicy, greasy all quit, thin more than 30 jin, people once old 10 years.

There is also a coffee shop I used to go to, which has already started to sell cups and beans;

The boss in his 40s made me a cup of hand made coffee for the first time. He said with a smile that he would see you later.

I finally realized that life itself had changed from the moment I put on the mask.

I feel like what Ive done is not a small operation, but the anxiety Ive accumulated over the decades.

Before, I never admitted that I was old.

Ill wear the cleanest shoes and suits with the right socks and ties.

But after an operation, I changed.

When I was pushed into the operating room and pushed out well;

To the doctor, Im just a patient in need of treatment.

In the operating room, there are all kinds of sounds, but there is no voice from me.

Those external brilliance and decency, in the scalpel across my skin, scattered all over the floor.

Back home from the hospital, I began to reexamine my life, and I found a lot of problems.

I found the bedside lamp too intelligent, I turn over, it will wake me up;

My refrigerator is out of space. I dont have any ingredients to make a decent soup.

Once upon a time, I went home, changed my clothes and lay on the sofa playing with my mobile phone.

Now Im starting to put down my phone and reestablish my connection to this home.

After leaving the hospital, the family was reformed

I learned how to cook tonic soup, and began to study the placement of speakers and green plants;

I left the wardrobe and took out the fitness equipment to wipe the dust;

Instead of a good-looking but useless stool, I replaced it with a comfortable solid wood chair.

In my opinion, it may be because they have only a residence but no home.

So their bodies are still carrying it, but they are mentally ill.

I had a haircut before I returned to the company.

I laughed and said to him: just blow dry.

I was wearing a white shirt and slacks and suddenly felt more comfortable than I had ever been.

If you dont get sick, you really dont realize how blue the sky is, how good the air smells, how hard it is to be healthy.

For their own before because of confused angry, anxious temper, a moment to look down on.

Looking inside makes people sober, and then looking out, it seems that there is nothing worth tangled with.

Now I am not afraid of middle age, but I am afraid of greasy.

Because greasy is always accompanied by middle age, quietly come.

With the increase of social intercourse and the decrease of metabolism, it is easy to lose control of body management;

He thinks that he is well-informed and good at learning;

If life and work are not smooth any more, it is easy to breed anger and scold the street.

I reduced my wardrobe to solid colors, especially white ones;

I dont buy clothes and articles with brand logo any more;

I cook minimalist, put less seasoning, enjoy the taste of food itself;

I cut down on social contact, only with work, necessary and close friends.

I feel from the bottom of my heart that a lot of twisted places in life are slowly being paved out.

I cooked my own soup recently

From writing official account to writing a book, I have been exploring for 5 years.

Many people were moved by my words and said that I seemed to understand what they were thinking every day.

I think its because Ive always been an observer and a recorder.

More from the perspective of I to express my views with you.

I will still write about emotions, help you dismantle emotional problems, and give you an outlet for your emotions.

But I will also start to share my lifestyle and become a real port:

Even if life is not as decent as we imagine, we can give ourselves enough respect.

I hope that all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation can give you some inspiration.

In 2020, take care is more important than refuelling. Lets encourage you.