Husband accused of sexual harassment, wife using hidden rules, why elite tiger mother couple so greasy?

 Husband accused of sexual harassment, wife using hidden rules, why elite tiger mother couple so greasy?

Chua and her husband, rubenfield, are both tenured professors. Unless they break the law or leave on their own, the university has no right to dismiss.

However, with the increasing exposure, Chua Mei ers husband, who is also a professor at Yale, was suspended for two years. The couple may not be able to stay in the academic circles.

In addition, the two daughters are law school graduates, ready to take advantage of their parents contacts to enter the legal profession. In todays situation, 80% of the eldest daughter Sophias assistant to the chief justice is unable to do so.

It is not too much to say that an elite family is facing social death.

The Financial Times said frankly that Cai Meiers family had collapsed.

In fact, sister Yuyan still likes tiger mother.

Because she is very sincere, no matter what is right or wrong, she can pour out all the sensitive issues that others dare not say and is too shy to talk about.

This is why the book battle song of tiger mother has caused such a heated debate in the United States.

In addition, the children of Yu Yans two friends had attended tiger mothers class. They both said that the tiger mother was warm and cheerful, very popular with the students, and was not as domineering as the outside world imagined.

Now, the tiger mother and his wife are in disrepute, and sister Yuyan is very sorry for her.

Sister Yuyan, lets take a look at it. Whats wrong with the seemingly perfect American elite couple?

The tiger mother was reported, her husband was suspended, and the elite family collapsed

First, last year, Brett Cavanaugh, the Supreme Court justice nominated by trump, was accused of being disorderly in high school in 1982.

Tiger mothers husband rubenfield once said, cavano likes to hire beautiful women.

As a member of the Yale judges assistant panel, Chua has recommended 10 students to apply for cavanos assistant. Her eldest daughter, Sophia, became cavanos assistant only after she graduated from law school

Cai Meier was accused of saying to girls many times:

If you want to be hired by cavano, dress boldly. Dont wear suits. Wear skirts and high heels. Cavano likes attractive assistants. His assistants, they all look like models

See here, Yu Yan elder sister is also a sigh.

One is the sincerity of the tiger mother, and the other is the greasiness of the tiger mother.

As a famous university professor or a law professor, Hu Ma must know that cavano likes to hire beauty assistants. This kind of selection mechanism that promotes gender advantage or hidden rules is not correct in itself.

But instead of disgusting, she took it as a shortcut to let students actively cater and sincerely consider it for them.

It is estimated that when the students heard Cai meiers advice, they were also very surprised. They turned their heads and reported to their teachers.

Cai Meier once endorsed cavano. On the third day after cavanos nomination, Chua wrote in the Wall Street Journal, pledging that cavano was a good mentor for women. she also said, if my daughter wants to be a judges assistant, no judge is more trustworthy than him. Chuas approach has been criticized as paving the way for her daughter

According to the students, the professor is keen to get drunk with his students.

After each party, rubenfield would offer to send the girls home and take the opportunity to harass them.

Whats more, Yale law school graduates and students are generally not surprised by Professor rubenfields rollover.


However, this time, with the help of the east wind of metoo, some students dare to testify against their teachers, thus attracting the attention of the outside world.

At first, Yale was just conducting an internal investigation. As the pressure of public opinion increased, Yale hired third-party investigators.

Although rubenfeld firmly denied all the charges and admitted that he had made some regretful stupid remarks, Yale suspended him for two years.

Even if rubenfield returns to teaching two years later, he will not be allowed to teach required and small classes.

Why Yale made such a decision is self-evident.

Rubenfeld was only more embarrassed if he was to bring out all the witnesses.

Before Cai Meier instructed the girls to dress boldly and her husband was accused of harassment, the family was a good example of American family management.

Among them, Chua graduated from Harvard Law School and served as a tenured professor of Yale Law School. She was also a business law lawyer and best-selling author;

Sophia (CAI Sihui), the eldest daughter, entered Harvard in 2011, and graduated from Yeru law school in 2018 as an assistant to justice kawanov;

The youngest daughter Lulu (CAI Sicong) is studying at Harvard Law School.

Even the two daughters, who have been talked about by the outside world for a long time, have expressed their understanding of their mothers education mode to the media when they grow up.

Why is it that a couple of elite couples who want money and money, famous names and children all make a fortune?

Sister Yuyan thinks that there may be some problems in CAI Meiers understanding of the value of life.

First of all, Cai Meier is a person who is good at understanding the operation mechanism of society. She knows how to play games to get high scores from the very beginning.

She is familiar with all the elements and means of success study, and knows how to conform to the social rules so as to make her stand out.

Haruki Murakami wrote in Norwegian forest Yongze is such a person.

Thats what he wroteu2014u2014

Yongze was born in a famous family. His IQ and EQ are extremely high. He is devoted to the pursuit of fame and talent. For him, life is not so much an arena as an experiment. He wants to try his own limit here.

Yongze can see through all the rules and methods. He can even play with his hands at will.

Is to use the rules, but do not look at the rules, and, there is no ideal, do not pay sincerity.

Tiger mother was once selected as 100 most influential people by time magazine

Tiger mother is not as extreme as Yongze, but also belongs to the survival talent with insight into social mechanism.

She always knows how to be impressive, how to be loved and praised by others, both in the workplace and in life.

Whether its the tiger mothers own struggle experience or her life planning for her children, they are all based on the reference system of the success study coordinate. We must follow the customs clearance manual, not take a detour, take the bulls eye, and grow into a wonderful me in the eyes of others.

In the battle song of the tiger mother, Cai Meier mentioned that her efforts were first to please her parents, and later, to gain a decent social identity.

At first, she studied applied mathematics at Harvard, believing it would make her parents happy.

Later, the old father found out that his daughter was not really good at mathematics and suggested that she should transfer.

After that, Chua transferred to economics, but she was also not interested.

Speaking of her graduation thesis, Chua said: the boredom in the process makes me forget what I have come to

Later, Amy Chua transferred to law school and got an excellent record at Harvard Law School.

She never mentioned her love for the legal profession, only that she worked like crazy at Harvard.

In addition, Ms. Chua always feels that law is not a profession she loves.

After graduation, Chua joined a wall street law firm just because its natural to do so;

When taking maternity leave, she wanted to find a university teaching position because she didnt want to return to Wall Street.

When my colleagues talk about legal issues, I am as frustrated as a stroke patient, unable to think and speak. I forced myself to join the conversation, but I was confused, I didnt know what I was saying, and I didnt mean it. This difference dwarfs me.

Although she has no talent or interest, she can still publish her articles in the Harvard Law Review, which almost exclusively publishes articles written by professors.

In the end, Ms. Chua won a teaching position at Yale Law School with a paper on Yale taste and the recommendation of her husband, who is a lifelong professor of Yale.

Perhaps, the tiger mothers current predicament, as early as the formation of the Three Outlooks long ago buried hidden dangers.

Lets take a look at the study plan made by the tiger mother for her daughters.

One of them isu2014u2014

Math is two years ahead of the class, but drama doesnt need an a.

Why? Because the score of drama class has nothing to do with applying to university.

Theres another oneu2014u2014

The only extracurricular activities that children are allowed to participate in are those that they can win medals in, and must be gold medals.

When Lulu, the second daughter, began to learn music, the tiger mothers choice was not based on the childrens preferences. She ruled out the clarinet, Gong and drum that were not tall enough, and insisted on letting her children practice the violin with difficult skills.

It can be seen that the tiger mothers life planning is not much, a lot, all in order to accurately meet the social law.

Hard work + familiar with the rules + please the society = successful customs clearance, this set of success learning mechanism has made her step by step, and achieved a lot.

As a famous law school professor, he didnt care about his husbands sexual harassment and the judges preference for female assistants;

Even, the good intentions of the students encouraged them to cater to the interviewers and please each other with gender characteristics, totally tacitly accepting that this is part of the social mechanism.

In the eyes of a new generation of young children, she has been classified as greasy.

What a real elite should do is not to pander to and ingratiate with the mentality of vested interests, but to change the world.

The purpose of the university is to establish tenured professorsu2014u2014

The purpose of this protection is to give scholars the autonomy of learning and ensure that they will not be persecuted because they do not please the power.

For a well-known scholar, this is really not the past.

Put it on sister Yuyanu2014u2014

I am also always alert to avoid this greasy elitism attitude;

I also avoid being complacent and losing my study mentality because I occupy a small position of we media - even, I know that as a Beijinger, I have some small privileges that others dont enjoy.

We should avoid this kind of mentality of vested interests and be more just and less greasy.

After all, I want a cleaner society for children, not worse;

After all, our mission is not to keep dirty, but to make the world a better place.

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