You dont understand: why a person with money will gradually become indifferent?

 You dont understand: why a person with money will gradually become indifferent?

All the poor are friends. Once rich, man is cut off.

You certainly dont understand that the poor granny Liu in a dream of Red Mansions didnt enter the Grand View Garden and get silver? Then you must have seen how many white eyes and criticisms grandma Liu suffered, and finally she was rejected by the same way?

What you must not understand is why the more powerful the family, the more resistant they are to the poor? Why is it that after a person has money, will gradually become indifferent?

Mingyi believes that all the rich people start to live without money.

No one is the master with golden spoon in his mouth. Many people succeed only by their own efforts.

When the reporter interviewed Li Ka Shing, the family sat together to eat, but it was only a simple porridge and a meal. Li Jiacheng also kept the habit of running at 5 oclock and listening to the news at 6 oclock, because he has to learn all the time. Even though he is very expensive, he still keeps his true colors. Of course, he is not so kind to the poor.

Many people know that Li Jiacheng is the one who does not donate much among the rich. He is keen on buying land and selling real estate around the world. He even created the only public share area in the world for Chinese people. You must have scolded him, right? Selfishness, money only, indifference, rich people do not know the pain of the poor

Yes, indifference.

However, behind the indifference, have you heard his story? In those years, he dropped out of school, went to relatives, started a business, was turned over his eyes and refused countless times, but only after experiencing the warmth and warmth of human nature, seeing through the truth of human relations, his heart was a little hard, and his face became colder and colder day by day

it happens that there is a similar case.

Mingyis friend in life, Mr. an, said this: money is a good thing. It can see through peoples hearts, draw close ties, expose human nature, and stabilize its position. It can cure many diseases, but only one cant, that is greed.

Mr. an also has his own fortune. He was ridiculed by his relatives and betrayed by his best friend for 200 yuan at that time. Later, his business started, but his heart was no longer as soft as before. He wanted to stay away from those who had hurt him, but those people were always cheeky close, relatives kept borrowing money, and friends were constantly trying to take advantage of business Im tired of it. Sometimes I give a little charity, and I slowly learn to refuse. Originally, its reasonable to refuse unreasonable requests. There are more rumors about him: he is unfriendly and indifferent

In all this, the informed person is unfair for Mr. an, but he just smiles: This is human nature.

Thats right.

Why does a person become more and more indifferent after being rich?

Only because, he also once drifted away.

And when he was down and out, no one was with him. The only thing he heard was sarcasm.

This is human nature.

Never accompany the sunset, rise again, who you are.

Mingyi thinks that if you see through the human nature and understand the peoples heart, you will be colder and colder day by day, no matter whether you have money or not, because the world in your heart has no temperature for a long time.