Confidence of fans in male resume: 500 yuan reward from boss

 Confidence of fans in male resume: 500 yuan reward from boss

Japanese actresss postpartum comeback too fast Criticism: maternal love good weak?

Recently, Japanese actress Ashi Hashimoto has been involved in a dispute because she came back too soon after childbirth

After 27 days of rest after her birth on July 2, Hashimoto officially resumed the recording of variety show, which attracted some criticisms, such as comeback too fast and poor maternal love for children.

She said that she didnt care about the children completely. It was very important for the mother to take care of and accompany the children. Moreover, she was in good physical condition after childbirth, so she could return to work as soon as possible. However, she did not want to take this opportunity to urge women to do the same, hoping to gain more understanding. (source: what happened in Japan)

A: look, even in Japan, where the right of wife is so high, women are still exploited and oppressed. Dont expect to improve the right of wife to solve the problem.

B * * 2: Yes, according to this logic, most fathers in the world have never had fatherly love at all.

A kind of ****Crane: I agree. After a woman gives birth to a baby, the husband and wife should return home to take care of the children together. After all, children cant live without their parents.


Mens confidence in career resume

[fan contribution: doing HR in the company has really faced up to the self-confidence of men and the difficulties of women in finding jobs. Angry and funny.

If you get a notebook from Party Bs customers, can you write your scores?

In contrast, womens resumes are too much considered.

See below: its so true. During this period of time, part-time HR can see these resumes every day.

Fish * *: the language ability on the left is in sharp contrast to that on the right. For example, the cumulative participation in promotion activities exceeds 10 million yuan. But maybe men dont have to face the problem of how to be pleasing..

03 womens large parking space

[fan contribution: super large parking space for women, this kind of care is really unnecessary

Baa: lets have a womens exclusive house with a larger area for the same total price, or how can we call it caring for women.

Do you have to discriminate in this way? The last lecture for children to see, they can realize that it is better to change to novice only.

Jane: No, women who are not in the womens compartment will be accused of why not go to the womens compartment after they are harassed, which further reduces the space for womens activities.

Don * * Yue: you didnt see that the womens priority car was full of men. They said that women had taken advantage of the car, and at the same time thought that priority is not for special purpose. As a result, the women did not get any preferential treatment even though they were scolded.


Investigation report of her strength in Xinguan epidemic: 94.9% of women participated in one or more anti epidemic activities

-Over 50% of adult women of all ages contributed.

-Among the women surveyed, 45.3% of them had provided services such as community guard, temperature check, food and medicine delivery, psychological consultation, family education guidance and legal aid.

2) In the evaluation of the role of women fighting in the front line of anti epidemic and sticking to the community defense line, the evaluation of female respondents was generally higher than that of men.

-89.6% of the respondents were most impressed by the role played by female medical workers.

-The higher the education level, the more positive the positive evaluation of the role of female medical staff.

-76.6% of the respondents aged 60 and above gave positive evaluation to female community workers.

-77.1% of the women aged 60 and above said they were positive about the role of female volunteers.

Fun bar app: her strength has always been there

Its the power of women#

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