3A masterpiece doesnt need female players, its just self smashing signboard

 3A masterpiece doesnt need female players, its just self smashing signboard

Things to start from a stunning game of the whole network.

Triple A doesnt need female players

Note: 3A in the video game industry refers to the game with high production budget and high marketing cost.

Recently, a 13 minute domestic game black Myth: Wukong real machine operation video, with its excellent aesthetic texture, amazing high-level production and smooth combat experience, has attracted enough attention and quickly ignited hot spots.

Video clip of black Myth: Wukong

Netizens high evaluation of the game

But in this sea of praise and expectation, there are some harsh controversies.

Black Myth: Wukong production company game technology founder Feng Jis Micro blog speech, caused a large area of attention. The topic of created by the black Monkey King has been on the microblog hot search for a time.

His Consolation of netizens is metaphorical,

The words blow Xiao and climax

Some netizens looked at Feng Jis previous microblog and found that such comments appeared more than once, and game technology company also disclosed similar inappropriate information in the past recruitment.

The vulgar copy and picture content full of sexual suggestion is beyond the bottom line of many peoples acceptance.

Netizens praise comes from the sincere love of the game content, but in the mouth of the founder, it has become a lewd and obscene please the lower body. He showed his great style in public, regardless of the offense to the audience.

At the same time, the female weariness in the comment area is also gradually rising. Some netizens accusations are called feminist boxing.

Some people say, 3A doesnt need female players.

Maybe Feng Ji still doesnt understand why he just used his usual humor way to respond, but it has caused such a big response.

As Bourdieu said, language relationship is the relationship of power symbols. When people with higher power throw out dirty jokes, they also use their power to invade other peoples space to narrow the distance between small groups.

In the male centered context, women are the object of ridicule, so they are not aware of the possible offence to the listeners. Just as in Feng Jis words, men are the licked side, while female players are excluded from the right to speak, even if they may have just forwarded the game promotional video excitedly the day before.

For such a male group, it is not worth mentioning that female players may be offended and bothered. It is inappropriate to show their emotions. The only choice left for them is to agree or ignore, otherwise they are over sensitive to punch.

Tired of women is the old line of the game circle?

For example, on August 10, Ubisoft China described her mistress with heavy fists in the trailer for the heroine of Assassins Creed: Hall of souls published on station B, which angered many female players.

In the foreign media polygons special report on video games, there is a glaring statement: video games have long existed as a boys club.

Similarly, Alan Lee, who has worked in Ubisofts San Francisco marketing department for seven years, talked about his work experience and said, the culture there is really hard for women. If you are not part of the boys club, you can only work on the edge.

The feelings of Ubisoft employees are just the tip of the iceberg.

In June, Jason Schreier, a reporter from the blog, published a long article, exposing the sexism and sexual harassment within Ubisoft, and deeply showing how the poisonous fruit of womanhood culture has penetrated into the development and design of the game and rooted in the cultural soil of the game.

The protagonists of the assassins Creed series are mostly male. In the hit Assassins Creed: Odyssey, the original protagonist was only Cassandra, but eventually the creative director forcibly added an optional male role because a game with a woman as the protagonist will not sell well.

Contrary to these arrogant manufacturers imagination of the game environment, in reality, female players have continued to grow rapidly in recent years and become an indispensable part of the game circle.

According to the 2019 China Game Industry Report released by Gamma data, among the more than 600 million Chinese game users, female players account for 46.2% of the total number, and it is likely to continue to grow at a high speed in the future.

Looking overseas, the American Entertainment Software Association (ESA) survey shows that among the 214 million game players in the United States, 41% of them are female players. Among the 18-34 year-old female players, more than half of them like to play action games and speed games.

41% of US female players

More than half of the 18-34 year-old women like action and speed games

Meet the womens players association

They discuss the current mainstream game plot, share their own game clearance experience, recommend each other or lightning games they dont like.

There are many kinds of Posts floating on the home page

There are game types recommended: jrpg game experience and Amway

How to play the game: what do you like to do in the open world with high degree of freedom

Game anchor related: do you remember director Ao?

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They talked about a series of masterpieces such as the legend of Zelda: the rest of the wilderness, the sword of heterodox, ff14, the last survivor 2, the wizard 3, the moving forest, the watchdog, and the blade of heterodox 2.

In the black Monkey Kings opinion was sent to the forefront of the current, female players encounter gender discrimination has become a hot topic of discussion within the group.

They discuss and share good games that can make them feel respected, and wonder whether it is impossible to change the status quo that female players are not respected.

Female players are an indispensable part of the game market and game community. They can not be ignored or excluded from the game circle.

Finally, as a player, I know how much effort and effort is needed to make a game. The effort and seriousness of black Myth: Wukong in the production is commendable.

However, we should not push the players who are also full of expectations for the game to the opposite direction because of the backward gender consciousness.

P. S. This paper only represents the authors personal views, some of the pictures are from the network.