Ten small things to make 30 + women live a beautiful life

 Ten small things to make 30 + women live a beautiful life

1. Distinguish between the primary and secondary.

Find a small notebook to prioritize your recent events, separating long-term and short-term issues.

In this way, you can refer to make choices and reduce many tangles, and your temper will be smoother.

2. Develop interest.

30 + if you know something, you will know that you cant consume yourself all day long. Whether its work or emotion, your life is short, and the width and richness of your days are also very important.

Find something that makes you happy. Dont restrain your desires. Make more of these arrangements. No matter pursue drama, read, buy clothes, cook, daze, can.

My interest is reading, holding up a book, no one to talk to me, such an afternoon, cool.

3. Keep exercising.

This matter is very important, especially important. If you have persistence and taste the benefits, I dont need to say more. If not, find a time to break through your daily laziness.

Go to private lessons or dance with keep at home. You dont need to be very demanding on yourself. Just sweat when you move.

Dont buy what you dont need, and dont buy those with low cost performance. Try to reduce the frequency of consumption instead of quality. Instead of having a room full of clothes, you cant get out of the door. Its better to be more delicate.

Let oneself uncomfortable person and thing, in addition to can bring you reward work, as far as possible far away, time is precious, do not waste, abandon a section of gradually drifting friendship, is also courage.

5. Learn how to manage money.

Its hard to say that I havent got any money in the past 30 years, and its still in the moonlight. At the age of 20, self willed, at the age of 30, one should taste the sense of steadiness and wealth.

If there is no background, it is better to learn the relevant knowledge, even if the fund rose 100 yuan will also make people happy.

Give up your dignity and realize that money is really a good thing to do before you are 30 years old.

6. I often watch comedies.

I know that you dont have time to see too many movies. If you choose one from two, I suggest you choose a comedy. Its so funny that you cant breathe.

The funny look of life will make you forget your troubles and laugh happily. After that, you wont feel that the days are cloudy for a period of time.

7. Fruit should be free.

Dont be frugal in eating fruit. This is the most convenient way for you to beautify and beautify. Eating fruit should be the most basic ritual feeling for girls to pamper themselves.

Even if the dinner is just a bowl of noodles, there is also a plate of fruit cut after the meal, while eating while resting, whether it is chatting or watching drama, it is relaxing.

8. Go to bed early and get up early.

Dont stay up late every day like a lazy person who cant get up. Enough sleep can make you do a lot of things in your dream, such as dating God, winning lottery and getting rich. You must give yourself more opportunities to experience.

Although wake up will regret, but somehow also know that is a kind of feeling, ha ha ha. Sleeping has always been the happiest thing in the world, both noun and verb.

Most of the office is busy, sometimes there is no sense of happiness, if the days work for you to arrange too much ceremony is not realistic.

Its better to do other things, such as eye exercises, office yoga. Its hard. Drink water.

10. Love the people you love.

This matter is different from person to person. My insistence in this article is that I massage my son every day, after taking a bath, when the child lies in bed, I immediately become a masseur with a bottle of coconut oil.

Every day, this persistence makes me happy.

The above 10 items, together with the effect of a look. come on.