Voice version: three people drink 117 bottles of wine in 7 hours, what level?

 Voice version: three people drink 117 bottles of wine in 7 hours, what level?

The last issue asked: what is the most dog licking thing youve ever done to your beloved????

During the four years of college, I washed my girlfriends clothes for four years, wrote her homework, and gave her two jobs to support her. Ive been green for six times in four years, and Ive forgiven her. Two months after graduation from University, I miss her too much and tell her that Ill go to her city for development. She told me not to go. In fact, she talked about her boyfriend in high school. They met their parents before they went to college. She is going to get married now. Let me forget her.

Host: lick to the end is really nothing, brother, you are too miserable.

Netizen a of Netease News said:

I dont know what to say. When I was a child, I was licked by a dog. Does this count?

Like me this kind of high cold, feel who likes me, immediately away from, dont give other people the opportunity to lick at all.

Big bang! Ive come to see you with dog food! Listen to a relaxed moment for three years, thanks to Dabo to accompany me through the difficult time of postgraduate entrance examination.

My boyfriend is an excellent boy. He works hard and loves me. During the epidemic, he also participated in the first-line nucleic acid detection in Wuhan. I am proud of him.

Now we study and work in different cities. In the past, he was around every day. Suddenly, I was not used to it. The reality makes me become more and more independent from a clingy girl. Here I want to say to him: Mr. Tu, I love you. We will rely on each other and maintain independence. It should be the best love to grow up together. I would like to order a song of Jin Wenqis time thief to him, hoping that after years of stealing youth and youth, you can leave this lovely big boy for me.

Hope the big wave will come true. I wish you a better and better relaxed moment. Dabo will take off the order as soon as possible and dont eat dog food!

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Old rules, I wish you all hair thick, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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