Faye Wong is wearing a frock shirt with knickerbockers

 Faye Wong is wearing a frock shirt with knickerbockers

Shirt style is more loose, so the ability to modify the body is very good, when you think your body has some fat, you can think more about the loose shirt, the visual effect of thin is good, and let you wear more comfortable can also be enhanced.

In addition, Faye Wong also deliberately opened the neckline. The large V-neck design can skillfully lengthen the neck line, and wear a necklace to embellish the neck curve. It seems that there is no lack of delicacy in the low-key. These small details can reflect her fashion taste.

The bottom of the pants is the highlight of the whole shape. The leg of the pants is very big, and the leg is relatively loose. The tight design of the trousers can effectively enhance the strong points and avoid the disadvantages, so that we can cover the big thick legs while ensuring the comfortable feeling of wearing.

As a fashion piece, the knickerbockers also have some tips when driving, and there are a lot of things to pay attention to when matching. Please continue to learn about them.

How to match the knickerbockers?

1. Pair with suspender / vest for elastic and tight fit

You can moderately choose some high waisted knickerbockers, or our figure will look five-and-a-half. If high waisted knickerbockers are matched with short waistcoat, the visual effect of showing high and showing thin will be better.

2. Pair with sweater / T-shirt for casual

As a casual piece, with some casual tops, it is certainly not wrong. For example, Cecilia Cheung chose the sweater to match with the knitwear. The orange sweater highlighted the overall shape, and the black knickerbockers were thin and tall.

If you can, you can try some short style vests to show our waistcoat line easily, and you can easily show your good figure. While the short style sweater with high waist lantern pants can achieve the matching skills of upper short and lower long, so as to improve our body proportion.

In summer, the collocation of T-shirt and knickerbockers can not only ensure the freshness, but also protect the sun. If you put the T-shirt into your waist, you can shrink the waistline, so the effect is very good.

By the way, the popular black and red match is used for reference. Black and red are neutralized to make the overall modeling more distinct.

The following Qi Wei chose a white shirt to match with the Army Green Lantern pants, and also chose the super high waist design, instantly contracted the waist line, the whole persons body proportion looked very good!

The knickerbockers look difficult to control, but as long as you match them properly, you can easily get advanced feeling. Moreover, the above matching schemes are more suitable for daily use!