Big woman style, the more you look, the better you look!

 Big woman style, the more you look, the better you look!

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Women living in the present age may not understand the dullness and dullness of the past. But for thousands of years, the female image has always been covered with tight contour.

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We need to relax, put ourselves into the society, discover ourselves more, and balance the relationship between self attributes and social attributes.

The part of realizing ourselves by dressing is that we are bold and casual in dressing, and we dont care too much about traditional concepts and other peoples views.

More is to show their own personality and preferences. Wear what you really like.

More and more women dare to express their value.

First of all, they break through the gender attribute in dress. They are no longer wearing to please others, but to show themselves and shape their own strength.

If you want to use a word to describe such a woman, the best word is gentlewomen.

They are not defined by gender, age and occupation. They always have their own independent personality regardless of the environment.

They can change freely among different identities, like diversified fashion and live freely and freely.

Over the years, more and more brands express and outline the beauty of women through clothing.

For example, we witnessed a new generation of women, independent, confident, calm and elegant on the 10th Anniversary Show of edition.

This big show is located in Yangshuo, Guilin, which is picturesque.

Take the distant mountains as the scenery and the heaven and earth as the curtain. With the spirit of natural mountains and rivers, clothes with neat cut, loose outline and elegant color matching are naturally presented.

There are many excellent national model faces that we are familiar with. There are also some simple laborers.

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But without exception, they show us who we want to be more and more.

There is no young beauty under the public aesthetic, but vivid and three-dimensional, each has its own unique temperament.

From them, you can feel a kind of original real feminine charm.

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This is also the surprise of edition.

The 10th Anniversary Show with the theme of women for women shows people the great trend of national brand, and also makes us believe that more and more women will believe in their unique temperament in the future.

And firmly and confidently to shape their favorite life.

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In addition, we have to say that this seasons Edition clothes also lack a lot of decorative elements.

She pays more attention to daily practical wear, and her clothes are low in color. The soft fabrics combine with straight lines and neat cutting to express the temperament of independent intellectual women incisively and vividly.

The straightforward dressing atmosphere, coupled with a large bag, not only ensures practical wear, but also shows the fashionable and natural clothing temperament.

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Clothing is your life.

Most of the time in our daily life, we dont need to add too much decoration to our clothes. We should be good-natured, just like women.

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