How does 28 year old tarpin become the most popular jewelry designer?

 How does 28 year old tarpin become the most popular jewelry designer?

Travel alone in New York

In 2017, tarpin went to New York alone to establish his own brand with the same name. Although no one in New York knew him at that time, he was determined to show himself to the top designers in the jewelry industry.

I want to create something of my own and try to design and create my own brand, says tarpin.

In the same year, tarpins Geranium Leaf Earrings were sold at Christies for $25000. At that time, Christies called him a promising young jewelry designer. Thus, at the age of 25, tarpin became a rising star in the jewelry design industry.

The Geranium earrings, sold by Christies, consist of four overlapping green leaves with round diamonds on the edge

Media exposure brings more new opportunities

In January 2019, tarpin won the rising star prize from fashion group international and the breakthrough designer of the year by town and country jewelry awards.

Since then, several of his works have been snapped up, and he says he doesnt even have time to photograph them.

The stylist of Rihanna, a famous American singer, called tarpin to say that Rihanna loved his earrings. In February of the same year, Rihanna wore Earrings designed by tarpin to attend the Oscar dinner. This is the beginning of everything, in a very simple way, tarpin said of working with Rihanna

Above, Rihanna is wearing earrings designed by tarpin

The exposure in the industry has brought more development opportunities for tarpin. In October 2019, Swiss luxury jeweler degrisogono appointed tarpin as the first artist of its new creative home project. The two sides cooperated for one year. Tarpin designed three capsule series for degrisogono, with a total of 40 products.

Tarpin says de grisogono has the courage to try new things, giving him a lot of creative freedom. Although there is a wide range of materials to use, it is up to tarpin to make its own judgment in order to strike a balance between the traditional aesthetics of diamond encrusted high-end jewelry and the design oriented product concept.

Inspired by nature and classic jewelry

Tarpin was inspired in large part by nature. He grew up in the small town of annesse in the southeast of France and often hiked through the local mountains to learn about the plants growing there.

Tarpin has shown an interest in sculpture since he was a child, and his parents enrolled him in sculpture classes when he discovered that he had been hoarding clay. Since then, he has become obsessed with royal jewelry in pointdevue, the French classic magazine.

Tarpin said that when he was studying in Geneva, he learned that jewelry was originally designed for men, a display of masculinity and power. I think its very fashionable for men to wear classic suits and brooches, and the difference between jewelry worn by women and men is interesting.

These past classics inspired me, and to make jewelry modern, you have to understand classics, tarpin said

Ive been passionate about jewelry since I was a kid, but we always talk about the passion and creativity of fashion designers, but we rarely talk about jewelry designers. I think its a pity, tarpin said

Jewelry is a wearable sculpture

Tarpin added, of course, I have investment considerations, but I didnt think of it when I was writing. Jewelry is a very personal item. After the epidemic, people may buy jewelry in different forms. They may think more about their feelings and buy things they like.

He said the epidemic did not have a big impact on his business, there is no change in what I create for customers.

Today, tarpin has set up a special list of customers who can only work with him through a private appointment. He does not sell his works in stores and online, or even has his own exhibition hall.

In fact, tarpin doesnt make a lot of jewelry in a year, and he says it will take him and the jewelry team months to complete a project. For designers, choosing gems is the most important part of the design, and its part of what tarpin is trying to do on her own. After the design is completed, tarpin will also guide customers on how to wear new accessories and how to use clothing matching to attract peoples attention to his design.

I like to spend time with clients and I want them to see my world and my creations, and I want them to see where my inspiration comes from, says tarpin