Fashion empire enters Jewelry world, who wins this competition?

 Fashion empire enters Jewelry world, who wins this competition?

Chanel, another top fashion brand, went hand in hand in jewelry, continuing the concept and style of Ms. Chanel at that time, creating many impressive iconic works and classic styles. Its just cococrush in finejewelry that has captured a young heart.

At the beginning of this year, another brand that caused a stir in the jewelry industry was Louis Vuitton. The reason is that Louis Vuitton announced the acquisition of Sewel, the worlds second largest diamond, weighing 1758 carats! Experts all know that the focus of this matter is not how big and expensive the diamond is, but that almost all the big diamonds of this level were purchased by jewelry families with a long history before that!

Because this kind of huge diamond that shocked the world is not only high value and difficult to excavate, but also difficult to cut, which is beyond the control of ordinary jewellers. Compared with Dior and Chanel, Louis Vuittons move is undoubtedly of more far-reaching significance than Dior and Chanels jewelry design with ultra-high appearance value. Louis Vuittons move is undoubtedly of far-reaching significance. It is not only necessary to continue to make efforts in the jewelry circle, but also this force will never be small.

Gucci Gucci

Hortus delicium

Today, lets take a look at these fashion brands entering the jewelry industry. What secret weapons have they brought and what advantages have they shown in this competition?


Tailoring becomes the soul of jewelry

Since 1947, Dior has created the hourglass silhouette, newlook, H-line, A-line and other tailoring, leading to the fashion revolution. In only 42 years, Dior has become one of the worlds top four fashion houses. And Diors efforts and achievements in the field of jewelry can also be called textbook level. Since the first launch of high-end jewelry in 1998, it has been firmly inspired by classic fashion elements, and it has been used quite skillfully.

Cannages rattan pattern, the brands iconic bow, various kinds of lace, ribbon, silhouette of high-definition fashion, leopard pattern and so on, all restart the concept of high-end fashion lining.

Dior Dior

Archidior top jewelry collection

Ailee Diamant Diamond Bracelet

It is not easy to present the soft and exquisite fashion elements with metal technology.

Dior Dior

This years new tie & Dior series is a continuation of fashion elements to tie dye, inspired by the tie dye process which is the main theme of the season. There are more than 10 kinds of gemstone pavilions to create gorgeous gradients, which is reminiscent of the halo dyeing effect of the fabric after tie dyeing.

Dior Dior

Tie & Dior top jewelry series

Colorful gemstone, pearl ring


Super high taste jewelry design

Chanel, who started with fashion in 1910, has always been regarded as the cornerstone of the cornerstone in the history of modern fashion. Chanels rebellion in fashion design is also reflected in jewelry. In 1932, during the great depression, Chanel launched its first luxury jewelry collection, Bijoux de diamants, in Paris.

In Chanels high-end jewelry today, we can see more fashion elements, which are also the brands iconic design elements. From elegant equestrian diamond grid appears in cococrush jewelry series, the gender neutral design like womens clothing makes a series of popular.

Chanel Chanel

Signatureor series Bracelet

The iconic bow in Chanels fashion appears in ruban jewelry collection in a winding, tight, asymmetrical or flexible manner. The most classic Camellia elements also open Camellia jewelry flower.

Chanel Chanel

Broderiede cam u00e9 LIA jewelry series Necklace

Moisson ensoleill u00e9 e Jewelry Brooch

Play modern elements into classic inspiration

In 1997, Louis Vuitton launched a series of jewelry products, and since then has launched the luxury jewelry series from time to time. Lamedevoyage, the first luxury jewelry collection released during the spring / Summer 2010 fashion week, featured a gold cut-out lace design. In 2012, the worlds first flagship boutique of luxury jewelry was opened in Vanden square, Paris. Classic Monogram flower elements, V-letter logo, lace lace, popular bags, Ramage coral totem and other elements appear in jewelry, all of which are very popular.

We have already mentioned that Louis Vuittons acquisition of the 1758 carat diamond Sewel will work with mining giant lucara diamond and Antwerp diamond cutter Hb to cut and process the diamond. This event confirms that the layout of the brand in the jewelry field will be more focused in the future.

In 2018, Louis Vuitton also appointed Francesca amfitheatrof, a fashion icon, as the art director of jewelry. The addition of the former Tiffany & Co. design director will undoubtedly make the jewelry series after Louis Vuitton even more brilliant. Not long ago, Beijing SKP exhibited its new lvvolt series jewelry launched in 2020. As the core elements, the iconic brand letters L and V have created a very fashionable shape through various forms of combination, which is really good-looking and easy to wear.

Lvvolt gold jewelry series Bracelet


Jewelry is by no means rationing

Hermes u00e8

Enhancementslibres series

Grand jet u00e9 Rose Gold Bracelet

Pierre Hardy, art director of herm u00e8 s Jewelry since 2002, launched her first premium jewelry collection in 2010, inspired not surprisingly by saddles and horseshoes. It is worth mentioning that jewelry and fashion can promote each other in his design.

The newly launched blackTo light in 2020 has reinterpreted the classic themes of steed, bridle, anchor chain, clasp, crocodile skin, etc.; while the new season of enchancements Libres high-grade jewelry series continues to extend the anchor chain as the core design element, building a sculpture posture full of life.

Hermes u00e8

Blacktolight series


Its a blockbuster

Gucci launched its first luxury jewelry collection last year, but it was quite eye-catching. We can often see such classic elements as bees, red and green ribbons, bamboo knots and double g in Guccis fashion. These symbols, which represent the classic brand, also appear in Guccis high-end jewelry series.

Gucci Gucci

Hortus delicaarum jewelry series Necklace

Gucci Gucci

Hortus deliciarum jewelry series Earrings

At the same time, the first boutique jewelry store located in the Paris van den square, where famous jewelry brands gather, has also been opened. In Hortus delicarum, the first luxury jewelry series just launched by Gucci, it reproduces the elements of emblem, animal and myth from ready-made clothing series, which shows the secret style and dreamlike atmosphere of the middle world, and each work is full of unique vitality.

Gucci Gucci

Hortus deliciarum jewelry series Earrings

Since Alessandro Michele became the creative director of Gucci in 2015, the lion head element has been widely used in fashion and silver design. It also appears in the new season of high-end jewelry Lionhead and le marchedes merveilles series. The unique lion mouth is full of unique and mysterious color style, full of dignity and power.

Gucci Gucci

Opal Ring

After so much talk, there is another question coming! In addition to high-end jewelry, many fashion brands will also launch fashion jewelry, when these two appear at the same time, you must not mix it up! Many people who dont know about jewelry may have a vague concept of fashion jewelry and high-end jewelry launched by fashion brands. Although fashion jewelry is bold and bold, it is quite different from high-end jewelry in material, technology and price.

Fashion jewelry is very different from high-end jewelry

High grade jewelry uses precious stones

The most obvious difference between high-end jewelry and fashion jewelry is the material. The material of high-grade jewelry itself is an important part of its charm. Gemstones are carefully selected and precious varieties, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc., while metals are precious metals such as full gold, K-gold and platinum. Fashion jewelry such as Swarovski are made of copper / alloy, synthetic, artificial gemstone, plastic and even cloth for the sake of design.

Tie & Dior top jewelry series Earrings

Shafley, pearl, emerald

Exquisite craftsmanship is an important guarantee for the texture of high-grade jewelry, while fashion jewelry generally does not have strict requirements for workmanship. High quality jewelry from gem cutting to precision inlay are carried out with the highest standards, and are manually completed by experienced craftsman brand workshops, and many big brands have their own housekeeping skills.

Dior Dior

Yellow diamond necklace

High quality jewelry can last a lifetime

After years of baptism, high-end jewelry is still shining, so we can see that big brands hold jewelry exhibitions and display countless works of the past 100 years at a time, while fashion jewelry is often eclipsed. High quality jewelry can be worn for a lifetime and even passed on to children. Fashion jewelry needs to be protected and maintained for a long time. However, it is often rejected when it is slightly tarnished. After all, fashion and fashion have their own life cycle.

High quality jewelry is expensive but more valuable

Fashion jewelry is not too distressing when you buy it. Its a blessing for friends who are eager for fashion and have insufficient budget. The price of high-end jewelry includes the painstaking efforts of design masters, the investment of countless craftsmen regardless of the construction period, and the precious gemstone of one in a hundred. The price is relatively higher. However, because of its absolute rarity, high-grade jewelry can always maintain its high value and even appreciate its value.

Gucci Gucci

Hortus delicarum premium Jewelry Brooch

Fashion jewelry design more bold

It has to be said that the design of many fashion jewelry is very impractical. Due to the variety of materials, fashion jewelry may present more exaggerated, bold and interesting designs. After all, design is the soul of fashion jewelry. The design of high-end jewelry has a long construction period and a clear and rich theme. Fashion brands often pay more attention to the fit with the brand fashion when they launch fashion jewelry.

Chanel Chanel

In the final analysis, fashion and jewelry are both artistic creation. Their essence is not separated, and the greater possibility is that they influence each other. The collocation of jewelry can make fashion more complete, and the integration of classic elements in fashion makes jewelry more possible beyond imagination.


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