Still in black? If you dont have a Barbie perm, youll be out of date!

 Still in black? If you dont have a Barbie perm, youll be out of date!

In fact, this perm is this years super hot Barbie perm. If you dont get the same style quickly, how can you call it fashionable person?

Park Xiurong recently released photos of this Barbie hot Oh, and the little sister this group of modeling shot a lot of photos, you can see her love for this hairstyle ~ not only the bangs have done curling treatment, the wave curls below are also retro and flattering.

Barbie iron with Beret is also super foreign style, Yang Chaoyue made the best demonstration for you. Moreover, the curly hair with medium curl makes the contour of the face retract unconsciously, which makes the face thin and versatile.

Twices Kim duo Hsien has also tried this Barbie perm. The little sisters light hair tone is matched with messy hair curls, which is not only full of femininity but also sexy and charming.

The Momo of the same group is also one of the love beans with the most curly hair. Barbies medium and fine curls are especially suitable for her, and the bleached color is very transparent!

The curl is not so small and does not have the width of large waves, but the radian of medium and small curl, with medium and high levels.

If you want to be more retro and lovely, it is also a good choice to match the hairpin, and it is very young.

Its more lively and lively. Is it more dynamic than baling? And different from the previous Teddy roll, the curl is not so rigid, more natural and beautiful!

And Barbie iron is very suitable for matching bangs, which can bring the bangs out of a curve, which can be more integrated and good-looking. But if you are worried that the dividing line is too rigid, you can drop the bangs naturally.

Not only loose hair is good-looking, combed low ponytail is not good, especially in the ear to leave some broken hair, can be more casual. And fluffy hair top, do not worry about oil or hair soft.

Love beans are always endless curly hair, and look at the shape have special care intended to inside.

Ju Jingyis cloud curly hair is super full marks. Her face has been shrunk several times with her super large radian and fluffy natural streamline bangs, which makes her petite and charming.

Park Minyings curly hair is not excessively padded in the bangs, but focuses on the sense of softness. In addition, when it is combined with air bangs, the hair tail is layered in a three roll style, which is retro and foreign-style.

The curly hair of xuexuan is especially suitable for the little sister with black hair. At the boundary of the bangs, the hair will be padded up, and a big S-bend will be clipped out, and the hair below will also be rolled in a big arc. The curling is not more, it is coherent and feminine.

This casual perm does not need more care can present the effect of natural thin face, and Barbie iron is the same light, with full score air feeling.

The emphasis is on the layering of the hair tail. It is suggested that the hair tail can be cut out from under the ear, the line sense can be cut along the face shape, and the effect of modifying the face shape can also be achieved.

Secondly, the hair root must be ironed out fluffy feeling, and the curl is more light and layered, with a certain air feeling.

Finally, the radian of this hairstyle is not single, but the natural random s volume, not only natural fluffy but also versatile.

The hair tail of this kind of curly hair is almost even, without layers. In fact, it is a little like a three tube electric stick roll extending outward. The curl will be more three-dimensional. If the curl is short or medium long, it will extend outward, which is very small.

And the length of this hairstyle is the first short hair, it can be very refreshing and playful! The crisscross three tube curls are very straightforward, and the slightly curled hair tail increases the sense of hierarchy.

If you want to challenge this hairstyle, you need to cut out some layers first to avoid the hair tail being too thick. The curl of three tubes is very sweet, which can increase the hair volume and make the hair root more light and fluffy.

As the name suggests, it is to iron the hair into a shape similar to a vine, so that the curl of the hair is just between the big volume and the medium volume. It is not only full of girlish feeling, but also super thin face.

Long hair girls first choice should be this kind of vine roll, the soft big wave gives a kind of gentle and sweet feeling. If it is a middle point, you can turn the hair on both sides outward; if you have bangs, you can take it a little, and you can also have a messy and casual feeling. You can trim your high cheekbones and thin your face at the same time!

It is between wool roll and kelp roll with small and dense curl. The hair style is random, curly and crisscross inside and outside. On the whole, it keeps the romance of small curl, but avoids the problem that excessive dense hair style is easy to show old-fashioned. Combined with honey tea, the hair color is soft, cute and cute, and exudes sweet and comfortable charm.

Hair elasticity

Lack of hair elasticity will affect the effect of ironing, lack of elasticity of hair ironing out will be very rough, lack of luster, so in Perm before it is recommended to maintain good hair elasticity!

The hair is too soft

Girls with too thin hair have a common trouble, that is, it is not easy to get out of shape after being ironed, and it is not lasting. If you want to perm, it is recommended to make layers first and curl from the top of the head to make the hair more fluffy!

If the hair tail bifurcates more, and easy to break, after the perm will easily become corn whiskers, so be sure to keep good hair quality before.

Natural volume

Naturally curly girls must take special care of their hair after ironing, otherwise they will become super rough! In addition, the surface can be straightened when ironing, and the curl should not be too high, which can improve the roughness!

Sensitive scalp with wound

Too much hair

If you have a lot of hair, it is not recommended that the curl is too small and the position is too high. Because it will make your hair look like an explosion head, curl in the end.

Many girls who dont know how to arrange their hair will feel quite different from that in the barber shop. Especially after washing their hair, they are almost changed. At this time, they need to consult the hairdresser in advance to learn how to arrange their hair.

Dry your hair with a towel after washing

Be careful not to wrap your hair with a towel all the time. This will make the curl disappear faster. So press it gently with a towel and dry it immediately.

Make sure its all dried

Many people blow hair to save time, will blow at will, that will let the curl lasting degree to drop oh. Therefore, we suggest that we blow from the top to the bottom. You can start blowing from the scalp, and then blow in layers. The curl will be more obvious and lasting.

Wrap with fingers and cool to release

When blowing around with fingers, be sure to roll in the direction of your own ironing, otherwise it will damage the curvature. In addition, the more the hair bundles are, the greater the curl will be. If you want the curl to be smaller and more obvious, you can divide the hair into small bundles and blow them around. The most important thing is to wait until it cools down!

Hair care products

When blowing to seven or eight minutes dry, remember to cooperate with special curly hair care products. In addition to basic hair oil, it is also recommended to use mousse, curl cream and other products to increase the elasticity of curl!

Contrast upward

In addition to curling with your fingers, you can also blow dry the hair roots first, then divide the hair into bundles, wrap them and put them in the drying cover to dry them. Remember to set off slightly, the effect is more obvious.

Dont tie your hair or tuck it behind your ears