School season, hurry to prepare a new bag for yourself!

 School season, hurry to prepare a new bag for yourself!


However, I believe that during the epidemic period, you have been fighting for several waves on your clothes and shoes, so this time we are focusing on the schoolbag, which is a must-have item for students to go out!

Okuff01 Well, lets take a look at what good backpacks are worth buying recently.

one thousand six hundred and twenty-six

01. Comp


The most special is its curved line, which divides the body into different areas, and then stitches them with similar colors, so that the whole backpack is full of design sense and has its own shape.


And its very versatile. This blue and green color matching is very good for all kinds of common styles, especially those who like to be more simple or like all black and all white. It can instantly add a lot of visibility to your look.

The capacity is also easy to meet daily travel. The whole backpack has up to 8 storage areas. Even if you have a strong classification of goods, this bag can also cure you.


In addition to the blue and green color, there is a black green, two are very eye-catching, like friends might as well consider.

Price: RMB450

02 and wonder


With the popularity of urban outdoor style in recent years, many outdoor brands are becoming more and more known. And wonder is one of them.

Among all the backpacks recently launched by and wonder, this 30lx pack caught my eye in an instant.

In short, this backpack can meet all the non daily needs of daily users. After all, the design of the backpack of andwander is based on high-intensity outdoor adventure sports, so we dont have to worry about how to torture it.


Windproof, waterproof and tear resistant functions are naturally top-level, but apart from these, handsome is also an important reason to attract people to buy it.


The price is a little expensive, but durable and good-looking backpack, one is enough.

Price: $179

03 hamcus

If you havent heard of this Chinese brand hamcus, which has a certain popularity in the world, you must go and have a good understanding.

But today, ah V is not recommending their clothes, but a small bag that can be used every day.

Dont look at this bag and feel useless. You cant leave it every minute, because there must be some friends who just go out for a few hours to drink and chat. They dont need to carry a backpack to go out.


So if you dont want to be caught by cigarette boxes, airpods and other small items, your trouser pocket is swollen and swollen, with it, everything will be solved.


Price: rmb398

04 nightshift


The leopard print backpack recommended this time is nightlove alt, a niche brand from South Korea. Many South Korean bloggers have already started to take part in it, and the effect is quite eye-catching.



Price: about RMB 380

okay! I hope todays recommendation can give you some inspiration! If you have any suggestions, please leave us a message in the comments section~

one thousand six hundred and twenty-six

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