Liang Jingru goes out of marriage to welcome suitors and hopes to hold the cup after the golden melody is sealed

 Liang Jingru goes out of marriage to welcome suitors and hopes to hold the cup after the golden melody is sealed

Recently, Liang Jingru was asked in an interview, have you come out yet? She said definitely, you have to come out after all. To the new suitor, she said: Welcome! Its OK to add my contact information. Its OK to find me on social platforms.

When it comes to the singing process, Liang Jingru said: emotions go in directly. You dont have to listen to or imagine at home, and you dont have to pave the way. When the music comes, you can enter directly. producer Zhong Chenghu praised her mastery of emotion. She often finished singing for one hour, and chatted all the other time. The only thing that didnt go well was that songwriter Huang Ting accompanied her to revise the lyrics in the recording room.

The shortlist, Liang Jingru frankly eager to win the prize, hope to grasp it (cup), let the team take turns to grasp it. I was asked if I had been defeated five times. Did you feel that I was not lucky enough? She said modestly, no, I may feel that Im a little bit worse. Ill check my own deficiencies first, and I dont give my luck completely. She still remembers her master Li Zongshengs instruction to strictly examine myself..

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Liang Jingru talks about divorce feelings (source: Netease Entertainment)

It is reported that in 2007, Liang Jingru met Zhao Yuantong, a wine merchant, at a concert celebration banquet. In February 2010, the two married. In September 2019, Liang Jingru admitted that she had divorced Zhao Yuan at the album sharing meeting. Before that, Liang Jingru said when talking about her feelings after divorce: I heal by songs, and put them on music wholeheartedly.

Liang Jingru and her ex husband attend the graduation ceremony of their son_ NBJS11310