The first episode of the large documentary heart to heart battle episode 1 making a mountain like a mountain

 The first episode of the large documentary heart to heart battle episode 1 making a mountain like a mountain

It is magnificent and the mainstay.

How many ancient and modern heroes, how many joys and sorrows brave and resolute, merge into the vast earth.

In the third decade of the 21st century, a virulent virus, a century old epidemic, has launched a savage challenge to the life and health of all mankind.

The towering Yellow Crane Tower has witnessed a city, a country and a nation resolutely defending its destiny and future.

The Yangtze River sails far and the Yellow River stretches wide.

Thirty thousand li of Qingchuan, with a backbone of 1.4 billion.

This is an unprecedented fight of the Chinese nation. Because of its solemn and solemn, because of its magnificent and extraordinary, it will be remembered by the national history.

Stand up in tribulation, never give in to life.

At the end of December 2019, local doctors in Wuhan discovered the clue.

Zhang Jixian, director of Department of respiratory medicine of Hubei Provincial Hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, is a doctor who has made three grade achievements in fighting against SARS. On December 26, Zhang Jixian visited a pair of elderly people. While looking at the patients chest CT, she found something wrong.

Zhang Jixian, director of respiratory department of Hubei integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital

At that time, the old lady had a fever, a cough and a little myalgia, and had lung CT, which was multiple ground glass shadows in both lungs, and was hospitalized with pneumonia. After coming in, her husband also lived in our department. Their CT findings were similar.

Zhang Jixian, who has many years of clinical experience in respiratory department, has noticed that this is not ordinary pneumonia.

On the same day, a patient with the same symptoms was admitted to the hospital. Zhang Jixian reported the situation of these patients to the hospital, and the hospital immediately reported to the center for Disease Control and prevention of Jianghan District, Wuhan city.

Zhang Jixian, director of respiratory department of Hubei integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital

I think it must be something wrong, but I cant tell the specific disease, so I have to report it to the higher authorities.

Im afraid, flustered. Why are so many diseases and so many people suffering from this disease.

During this period of time, the same situation has appeared in other hospitals in Wuhan. Gradually, there was a lot of talk on the local social media, and there was also an unknown reason for it.

What disease is this? What is the cause of the disease? Where does the virus come from? How to carry out targeted treatment? Everything is unknown.

On December 31, the working group and expert group sent by the National Health Commission arrived in Wuhan. The Wuhan Municipal Health Commission issued a notice saying that 27 cases had been found, and the public were advised to avoid going to public places with closed air circulation and crowded places as far as possible, and wear masks when going out.

Although the cause of the disease is unknown, the response work has been carried out rapidly.

After January 2020, Wuhan Municipal Health Commission continuously issued the epidemic situation notification, and the number of cases began to rise gradually. On January 1, the National Health Commission set up a leading group to deal with the epidemic situation; on January 3, together with the health commission of Hubei Province, formulated nine documents, including the diagnosis and treatment plan for viral pneumonia of unknown causes (Trial Implementation); on January 4, it began to organize training on treatment work in Wuhan; on January 6, it reported the relevant situation at the national health work conference.

On January 14, the National Health Commission held a national teleconference to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and make preparations for the national epidemic prevention and response.

Chinas scientific and medical communities have moved rapidly, and a series of work has been carried out to develop virus detection reagents, virus gene sequencing and virus strain isolation. In the face of how to treat and prevent, front-line medical workers are also hard to explore.

In the face of the epidemic situation, the relevant hospitals are trying their best to receive medical treatment and treatment. However, the epidemic situation is developing rapidly, and its lethality to patients exceeds the estimation of many doctors.

Zhang Dingyu, President of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital

On January 3 and 5, 70 or 80 patients were already in the hospital, and there were many critically ill patients. Some of them were dying. We knew that this was a serious problem.

On January 18, the National Health Commission sent a high-level expert group to Wuhan in the early morning of January 19. Early in the morning of the same day, the expert group listened to the report of the local authorities in Wuhan on the epidemic situation, and learned about the situation through various channels. In particular, medical staff infection cases, let experts confirm that there is human to human.

Zhong Nanshan, leader of high level expert group of National Health Commission, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

On January 20, the expert group left the Han Dynasty and arrived in Beijing, and appeared at a press conference organized by the National Health Commission in the afternoon of the same day.

In January 20, 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia expert responded to the new national crown pneumonia epidemic.

Zhong Nanshan, leader of high level expert group of National Health Commission, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

At present, it has been confirmed that there is human to human transmission, but also confirmed that there are medical staff infection.

That night, Zhong Nanshan confirmed the existence of human to human through live television.

Bai Yansong: whats the current situation in view of human to human transmission?

At this time, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places also appeared imported cases. The virus is spreading.

Nurses in Central South Hospital of Wuhan City

Ive never seen such a situation before.

Every hospital line up, outpatient line up in a mess, and patients line up to the side of the road.

Xu Di, chief physician of thoracic surgery, Wuhan Central Hospital

The complete state will be out of control. The hospital is full of people. Some are standing, some are sitting, some are lying down, some are leaning against each other, and the patients who have passed away will pour into it. In a very small space, everyone is really in pain, and the scene is very painful. There is no way, as a doctor, there is no way, very powerless.

Cai Yi, director of pain department of Wuhan Central Hospital

At that time, there was no way to talk about protection. There were not enough things on hand, not enough ventilators, and not enough masks. After all, the ward was built temporarily. It was too urgent, and then the patients poured in. There were many patients who could not be rejected. They were too sick. If you stood at the door of the ward, you would take it or not. If you did, our doctors would collapse u3002

There is a surge in patients, a shortage of kits, and many suspected patients have to travel around. Suffering from them, they have also become a huge potential source of mobile infection.

Lao Lei, the patient, recalled the helpless scene of seeking medical treatment at that time, but still had lingering fear.

Patient Lao Lei

Reporter: have you tried other hospitals?

Man: Yes, its full. I cant squeeze it. Its like the end of the world. It cant be expressed in words. Im afraid now.

The virus is virulent and the epidemic situation is raging.

Life is fragile and the city is heavy.

An enemy hiding in the dark, a devil with open teeth and claws, rushed over like this.

The misty rain is thick and grey, and the turtle and snake lock the river.

The history of the development of human civilization is the history of continuous struggle against various diseases and epidemics. The disease repeatedly and savagely took the lives of millions of people, which once caused great damage to the civilization of ancient Greece and Rome, and plunged Europe into darkness in the middle ages.

At the beginning of the new century, the people of the whole country fought together to fight against SARS.

This sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus to humans is unknown and its whereabouts are strange. The epidemic situation caused by the disease, rampant, unprepared.

Soon, the novel coronavirus genome sequence was identified and virus strains were isolated.

From January 3, 2020, China will regularly inform the World Health Organization, relevant countries and regional organizations, as well as Chinas Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of epidemic information in a timely and active manner.

On January 4, the person in charge of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention and the head of the United States Center for Disease Control and prevention talked about the epidemic situation by telephone. The two sides agreed to maintain close contact on information communication and technical cooperation.

On January 10, the heads of Chinas National Health Commission and China Center for Disease Control and prevention talked to the person in charge of the World Health Organization on the handling of the epidemic situation and exchanged relevant information.

Since January 11, China has been reporting epidemic information to the World Health Organization (who) every day.

Director General of the World Health Organization

Obviously, novel coronavirus appears this time, and it is a newly discovered virus. (China) has successfully carried out its gene discovery, which has shown Chinas ability to work and sequencing is also being completed rapidly. But more importantly, (China) immediately (share with the world). Because of this, novel coronavirus can be diagnosed quickly in Korea, Japan and Thailand.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most serious public health emergency that has been spread fastest, the most widely spread and the most difficult to control and control since the founding of new China.

In January 20th, general secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions to put the peoples life safety and health in the first place, formulate a careful plan, organize all sides to carry out prevention and control, take effective measures to resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is included in the infectious diseases of infectious diseases prevention and control by the State Council. This is a necessary link and a key step in controlling the spread of the epidemic.

General secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions in 20 days, pointing out the key issue at this time: at present, during the Spring Festival, people are in a large area of intensive flow, so it is very urgent to do well in epidemic prevention and control.

Wuhan, just in the hub of Spring Festival transportation, is the thoroughfare of nine provinces and the place where people gather and disperse.

When it is broken, it will be broken. In January 22nd, general secretary Xi Jinping made a decisive decision, demanding immediate and strict traffic control for the flow of personnel and external passages in Hubei and Wuhan.

From 10:00 on January 23, the bus, subway, ferry and long-distance passenger transport in Wuhan city will be suspended; the airport and railway station will be closed temporarily, and the recovery time will be announced later.

Policeman 1: the window rolled down. Is there anyone behind?

Driver: No.

Metro Broadcast: ladies and gentlemen, todays train service has been completed and the station will be closed soon. Please get out of the station as soon as possible..

The law of isolation has existed since ancient times. In the second year of the first year of the first year of the Han Dynasty, it was recorded in the book of the Han Dynasty that those who suffer from diseases of the people should leave the place where they live to buy medicine. Isolation was an important measure of epidemic prevention at that time.

However, in the 21st century, there is no precedent to block the population flow and external traffic of a large modern city with a population of 10 million.

Xin Ming, Professor of the Central Party School (National Academy of administration)

In Wuhan, a decisive step has been taken to prevent the export of foreign products. However, the local epidemic situation is still in the outbreak stage, and the pressure of internal non-proliferation is extremely heavy. It is urgent to improve the ability of admission and treatment and let more patients be managed.

All provinces, autonomous regions and cities except Tibet reported the epidemic situation, with a total of 1287 confirmed cases.

Wuhan urgent, Hubei urgent! Gather, go! Under the unified command of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the first batch of reinforced troops and local medical teams advanced to Wuhan on New Years Eve.

Team member: the United medical team is ready! set out! Yes!

Officers and soldiers: keep soldiers for thousands of days, use them for a time, and show their skills in times of crisis. They are the true qualities of revolutionary soldiers and revolutionary military doctors!

Medical team member: our mission here is to save people, save people!

On the third day after the closure of Wuhans external passageway, the military and local governments sent a total of 17 teams and 2444 medical and nursing personnel to the rescue from thousands of miles.

attention! set out! One two three four!

Subsequently, according to the unified deployment, a number of medical teams from all over the country went to Jianghan Plain and central China.

January 25, 2020

A total of 1975 confirmed cases and 324 severe cases were reported.

On January 25th, general secretary Xi Jinping chaired the Standing Committee meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC to carry out further research, re deployment and mobilization of the epidemic prevention and control work.

It was extraordinary to have a meeting on the first day of January.

General secretary Xi Jinping stressed weightier than Mount Tai at the meeting. Epidemic is command, prevention and control is responsibility, epidemic prevention and control must be the most important work at present.

The CPC Central Committee decided to set up a central leading group for epidemic response, with Li Keqiang as the leader and Wang Huning as the Deputy group leader.

The whole party, the whole army and the people of all ethnic groups in the country have further mobilized to become the strong backing of medical workers and cadres and masses fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

Under the leadership of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the central leading group for epidemic response actively carried out its work, held intensive meetings during the fight against the epidemic, studied and deployed various related work in a timely manner, inspected the front-line and conducted on-the-spot supervision, and actively promoted the implementation of the Party Central Committees decision-making and deployment of anti epidemic work.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China sent guidance groups to Hubei and other areas with severe epidemic situation. Sun Chunlan served as the leader of the central steering group to Hubei. Since arriving in Hubei on the third day of the first month, he has been fighting with the people of Hubei and Wuhan to control the epidemic as much as possible and try to hold the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control in China.

The way to use a military force is to determine its strategy first.

On January 28th, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with WHO director general Tan Desai.

Xi Jinping

For the Chinese people, we are engaged in a serious struggle. The Chinese government attaches great importance to it, because the purpose of the government is to put peoples life safety and health in the highest place. Therefore, I have been personally directing and deploying this epidemic prevention and control work. I believe that as long as we have firm confidence, work together in the same boat, conduct scientific prevention and control, and implement precise policies, we will surely overcome this epidemic.

Epidemic is the devil, we cant let the devil hide. President Xi Jinping said when he met Tan Desai.

A group of citizen clips

Crowd: I dont think my city has stopped. Its just that its pace is very slow.

Masses: our country also said that it has made great efforts to save it.

Doctor: come on, the heart is stopped. Work hard!

Doctor: Adrenaline! (heartbeat) back, back! The heart mentions the throat, is really too tense! Great! Pull it off! Very good, 99.9% has been successful!

People are supreme, life is supreme.

Race against time, against disease.

On January 29, all 31 provinces, autonomous regions and cities in China and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps all had confirmed cases, and 7711 cases were reported.

In February, the situation in Wuhan is more severe. The transmission channel of the virus is still confusing, and the epidemic situation continues to be in an outbreak situation. A large number of confirmed patients and suspected patients are still in the situation of waiting for detection and waiting for bed.

Treatment of patients

General secretary Xi Jinping put forward specific and specific requirements for prevention and control. Prevention and control should be early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment. Treatment should focus on patients, concentrate on experts, concentrate resources and concentrate treatment. The task is to increase the rate of treatment and cure, reduce the infection rate and mortality rate.

Doctor: ECG, heart rate is fast, step back a little, guide wire back a little, OK, take a blood pressure, blood pressure 97 / 66.

At this time, the high rate of severe illness and death in Wuhan highlights the great lethality of the epidemic.

This is one of the areas with the richest medical resources per capita in China, but ICU is still a rare resource. Even in Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital with strong comprehensive strength, there are only 55 beds in ICU. In the face of a sharp increase in the number of critically ill patients, the local professional intensive care force is far from enough.

General secretary Xi Jinping held veteran soldiers and able captains to concentrate on the intensive treatment of patients and concentrate the patients in intensive care. The Central Committee of the Political Bureau Standing Committee meeting held in February 3rd clearly stated that we should focus on patients and concentrate on hospitals and put them into operation as soon as possible.

In order to implement this requirement, the relevant authorities decided to open three new hospital districts, which will be taken over by the construction system of elite critical care teams transferred from the whole country.

As of February 19, of the 36000 medical staff who have been sent to Hubei Province for reinforcement, more than 15000 are doctors and nurses specializing in critical care, which is close to 10% of the national intensive care resources.

Doctor: in order to rescue the patients, we have used all the advanced life support. The state treats the patients regardless of the cost, which is the hope of rescuing such critical patients.

Doctor: we all work hard. I believe God rewards the diligent. If we work hard, we will surely have good results.

In order to improve the treatment rate and reduce the death rate, the front line must be moved forward to achieve early identification.

In order to implement the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinpings all receivable and urgent need, the central steering group asked Wuhan to classify the four categories of personnel, namely, confirmed patients, suspected patients, fever patients who could not exclude infection, and close contacts of confirmed patients.

The whole city of Wuhan mobilized to carry out a large-scale investigation, from blocking the city to locking people.

In order to collect all the accounts receivable without missing one person, Wuhan carried out a large-scale centralized network investigation.

Reporter: you can see that there are many such vehicles at the gate of the hospital, all of which are to send patients.

(handing over the patient) Wuhan Jiangan District staff: is it confirmed or suspected.

Patient: it is suspected.

At the same time, we are trying our best to investigate and treat patients, while we are busy building hospitals and adding beds.

Huoshen mountain and leishenshan mountain, the two hospitals used to treat severe patients, have sprung up with China speed and China efficiency. Behind this, there are tens of thousands of workers and many volunteers who have come to support us. They are racing against the clock, day and night.

10 days fire Shenshan hospital was built for the treatment of critically ill patients.

12 days, leishenshan hospital was built for the treatment of critically ill patients.

In only 10 days, 16 cabin hospitals were put into use, providing more than 14000 beds.

After approval by Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission, the military drew medical support from the military to undertake the medical treatment task of the Fire Mountain hospital. On February 2, the military supported Hubei medical team officially entered huoshenshan hospital.

General secretary Xi Jinping stressed in his important instructions in January 20th that he should promptly release the epidemic information, deepen international cooperation, strengthen public opinion guidance, and strengthen relevant policies and measures to publicize and interpret the work.

The Information Office of the State Council held successive press conferences and meetings. Since January 27, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council has held a daily press conference. In Hubei, Wuhan, and all over the country, local governments at all levels timely reported authoritative information on epidemic prevention and control at institutionalized and normalized press conferences.

At the front line of anti epidemic, encouragement and accountability are the same. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that we should face up to the existing problems and respond to the concerns of the masses.

In order to strengthen the anti epidemic leadership in Hubei and Wuhan, with the approval of the Central Committee, Chen Yixin was appointed deputy head of the central steering group to Hubei; Wang he was qualified as a member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Committee, and later served as secretary and director of the Party group of the Hubei Provincial Health Commission.

On February 13, the CPC Central Committee adjusted and enriched the leading groups of the Hubei provincial Party committee and the Wuhan municipal Party committee.

Severe examination, rushed to face. For the people, we must fight bravely.

Power supply company staff: Tongji (hospital) line load how suddenly so high.

The peoples war, the general war and the blocking war have just started, and general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that we must adhere to the whole nations chess game.

The CPC Central Committee has built an efficient and orderly command system. Party committees and governments at all levels firmly obey the unified command, coordination and dispatch of the Party Central Committee, and do what they order and prohibit. All provinces, autonomous regions and cities have launched the first level response to major public health emergencies. 19 provinces in China have provided counterpart support to 16 cities, cities and prefectures in Hubei except Wuhan. The prevention and control system of joint prevention and control and group prevention and control was rapidly formed.

Community Radio: we are now reporting the epidemic situation in the community. We call on the residents in the community to prevent and control the epidemic scientifically, not to panic and treat them rationally.

At this time, it coincided with the peak of returning home during the Spring Festival. The Party Central Committee issued a call to the society to reduce the flow and coordinate the fight against the epidemic, extending the Spring Festival holiday and stepping on the brake for the possible Spring Festival rush. At the same time, delayed school start, flexible return to work and off peak travel were deployed in advance.

Fighting the war of epidemic prevention and control is also a war of logistics support.

Under the command and deployment of general secretary Xi Jinping, the parties took active measures to support the production of urgent medical supplies such as medical protective clothing, respirators and other industries.

We will implement unified national dispatching of important materials, establish a green channel for transportation, and take various measures to ensure the supply of medical materials and living materials in key areas.

The national energy supply and the peoples daily necessities supply have always been sufficient, stable and orderly. During the super long version of the Spring Festival holiday, people living at home are not worried about the shortage of basic necessities. Although there are not many cars on the road, the service of gas stations along the road is as usual.

The whole country, in order to fight the epidemic, has both calmed down and moved.

In January 27th, general secretary Xi Jinping issued orders to Party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres at all levels to stand up, fight bravely and work hard in times of danger, stand up to the test and firmly rely on the masses to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

Its like a mountain. The peoples army, bearing in mind the purpose of our army, has invested its strength in medical treatment, scientific research and tackling key problems. It can fight as soon as it is called, and strive to add luster to the party flag and military flag.

1.4 billion people have devoted themselves to extraordinary battles with ordinary perseverance.

This is a peoples war without bystanders.

In February 10th, general secretary Xi Jinping went to Beijing to investigate and guide the epidemic prevention and control work.

General secretary Xi Jinping is worried about the main battlefield of the epidemic. He said that Hubei and Wuhan are the decisive places to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control. If Wuhan wins, Hubei wins, and Hubei wins the whole country.

He connected medical workers in Wuhan via videou2014u2014

With confidence, we must build up our confidence and win this war of resistance and general warfare!

In the time of crisis, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has made strong decisions in deploying and demonstrating confidence, and the whole nation has been able to fight against the epidemic.

Human feelings, heroic nature, are in your and my ordinary show.

They are bus drivers who take medical staff to and from work.

Hu Yi, driver of Hubei highway passenger transport group

We try our best to let them get on and off the bus nearby and walk less. They are also very hard.

They are community workers who help the residents out.

Huang Heng, temporary director of Hongluo community, Hongshan District, Wuhan City

This country definitely needs someone to come forward now, and I think I should come to the front.

They are police officers who have been carrying out epidemic prevention and control work at all duty stations.

Police: I didnt go back. My colleagues were all on duty.

They are the express boys who shuttle around the city to deliver necessities to people.

Delivery man Li Shun

Medical products enterprises all over the country are working overtime to produce at full power.


As long as you can help you through this difficult time, its better than anything, and its the same everywhere you celebrate the new year

Aid from people all over the country, as well as from overseas compatriots and international friends, has been continuously collected from all over the country.

Although the epidemic situation is serious, Wuhan is not alone, Hubei is not alone.

The whole country is with them.

February 23, 2020, the first day of February of the lunar calendar. China, which has been fighting for more than a month to fight the epidemic, ushered in a special meeting held in the Great Hall of the people.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work conference was held as a whole. General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech.

The meeting was held in the form of teleconference and directly to the county and regiment level. The number of participants reached 170000.

The general secretary encouraged everyoneu2014u2014

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control and economic and social development deployment meeting in February 23, 2020

Xi Jinping

Party committees and governments at all levels should firmly believe in victory, firmly hold their teeth firmly, continue to be unrelenting, pay close attention to all kinds of prevention and control work, and never speak of success unless they win a total victory.

In March, after arduous efforts, the situation of epidemic prevention and control continued to improve, and the order of production and life accelerated to recover. General secretary Xi Jinping reminded in a timely manner that we must proceed with caution in strengthening epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, we should accelerate the establishment of an economic and social operation order compatible with epidemic prevention and control, and strive for an early and comprehensive economic and social development in the country.

On March 2nd, novel coronavirus pneumonia was investigated by general secretary Xi Jinping in Beijing. He emphasized that the key to win the epidemic is to rely on science and technology.

On novel coronavirus pneumonia, Xi Jinping delivered an important speech on March 6th, and stressed the need to make greater efforts and resolute efforts to tackle poverty and resolutely overcome the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and resolutely win the battle against poverty.

4 days later, in March 10th, general secretary Xi Jinping came to Wuhan. He visited and comforted medical workers, PLA officers and men, community workers, public security officers and police, grassroots cadres, sinking cadres, volunteers and residents. The general secretary stressed that we should not be paralyzed, tired of war, or slacken our efforts. We should pay close attention to all kinds of prevention and control work, and resolutely win the defense war in Hubei and Wuhan.

On novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia was held in March 26th. Xi Jinping attended the summit of the group of twenty leaders to deal with the new summit of pneumonia. He delivered an important speech. He urged effective international joint defense and joint control, resolutely tackled the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control global blocking war, called for strengthening macroeconomic policy coordination and preventing the world economy from falling into recession.

Severe epidemic situation, unprecedented test.

The cost of life that has been paid is so heavy, but this land will not be destroyed by grief. The virus is so fierce, but the people here will not be intimidated by powerful enemies.

Little girls voice: come on, Wuhan, China will win!