The +1A singer is no longer a serious singer.

 The +1A singer is no longer a serious singer.

This new perfume continues the style of A sisters personal love, and also incorporates the exaggerated space elements. At first glance, it feels a little exaggerated, but it is quite recognizable.

The fragrance is also very distinctive. It combines the sweetness of fig, lavender and caramel, and interspersed with sandalwood and musk to increase the overall sense of hierarchy. Just these wonderful combinations make people curious about the taste.

Speaking of A, the frequency of this perfume is catching up with the album soon. The singer who doesnt do business + 1. Previously, her other five perfume sales were very impressive, not only the total sales volume was over 100 million, but also won the award of best perfume of the year.

As first perfume, Ari, was sold in 2015. It contains raspberry, vanilla and marshmallow taste. Its sweet and witty and sexy. Its similar to her own style. The cotton candy on the perfume bottle has also become one of the highlights. So, A started her own perfume road.

The second fragrance is called FRANKIE, and the bottle body design is actually a black version of Ari. This perfume is named after the A brothers brother, in memory of her brothers brother As perfume career. Compared with Ari, this perfume is more neutral in style, and can be used by both men and women. Prelude to pink pepper, pear, and apricot. The middle notes blend the steady orchid and cedar, while the tail Ari is almost the same, still dominated by sandalwood and musk.

Blackberry, Italy, the third fragrance, the name is very sweet, ----SweetLikeCandy, the fragrance is also from the sweet to the tail, with the BlackBerry, the Italy bergamot and pear together strong fruit aroma as the prelude. The middle notes are sweet scent of jasmine, jasmine and honeysuckle, and create new styles of blackcurrant cream, cotton soft sweets and vanilla. How to say, I feel a little tired of reading On the package is also launched a bright red exclusive, it is estimated that true love powder is two colors are set together.

Lets go on to the fourth one, moonlight, which is still the iconic marshmallow ball. The body of the blingbling bottle is also in line with the name. On the scent, the fruity flavors of blackcurrant and plum are used as the front notes, while the middle notes are sweet marshmallows and fresh peonies, and then end with the milk sandalwood, Black Amber and vanilla.

In the fifth fragrance, A sister changed the bottle which had been sold before, and launched a new cloud perfume bottle. The name is also named Cloud, with a little fresh tune, and there are also many changes on the fragrance, no longer just sweet. Lavender, pear, bergamot slowly open the smell, coconut, nuts, vanilla, sweet and not greasy, and finally use cashmere as tail adjustment by surprise.

High popularity and distinctive bottle body + parity positioning, let A sister each perfume has achieved very good sales results. In fact, apart from her, BritneySpears, KatyPerry, TaylorSwift, Ladygaga and other female singers have all perfumes.

On the one hand, perfume is easy to combine with the stars own characteristics and positioning, making a recognition package; on the other hand, perfume is not like skin care products requiring a long time of research and development and manual testing, no good or bad, just looking at personal preferences, which is probably why many stars love to start with perfume and what the beauty circle is like.