The new king of pants was born. How easy are jeans for Dad?

 The new king of pants was born. How easy are jeans for Dad?

Straight style

Among them, Dad jeans with high waist, waist, up and down with the same width and other characteristics, promoted to the most popular items in all seasons.

It has been popular since the 1990s, with a strong sense of retro. As a kind of jeans with obvious masculine characteristics, it has weakened the leg shape and has a rectangular cut, which is similar to what we often call straight pants.

The design also does not emphasize waistline and slim body too much, with loose and fat and light color washed money as the main.

Meng Jia (image from IC)

Dad jeans to leisure and comfortable, not to pick people to win, wide and loose pants legs, leg meat completely covered, showing extremely thin.

LAN Yingying (image from IC)

Jeans dad pants are very handsome, and there are not so many rules and regulations, so the star bloggers love it!

It can be modified o, x, XO legs, high and slender.

Qin LAN (image from IC)

Tall girls wear Capri style dad pants with work boots or Martin boots, more casual and natural.

Liu Lingzi (image from IC)

Wide leg

Chaoren Street Photo (photo from IC)

Artificial washing and dilapidated holes give the pants a historical beauty of time.

Qiao Xin (photo from IC)

Dark dad pants look boring, but the upper body effect is very cool.

There is no obvious washing trace and exaggerated burr, the surface is very clean, so it is more advanced.

A duo (image from IC)

Waist knit shirt and low waist dad pants are perfect match, which highlights the small waist instantly.

Zhang Meng (image from IC)


For the pear shaped figure of Asian girls, the loose and tight style of tapered dad pants can be quietly resolved.

I didnt expect that a pair of plain pants can become the top goods of the times with wide trousers, comfortable wearing feeling and natural trousers lines.

He Sui (image from IC)

Dads jeans are not generally strong in versatility. They can be casual and formal. They can be worn in summer with a printed / solid color shirt or a basic short sleeve T-shirt, which is super beautiful.

Zeng Keni (photo from IC)

Small girls dont have to worry about their pants being too long and turn into five or five bodies. As long as they wear a pair of inner heightening, they can display their leg length function.

Angelababy (image from IC)


It is estimated that the monotony and simplicity of jeans dad pants has given fashion designers more space to create and start to stand out in details.

Like the tearing edge cutting of the thigh, it breaks the straight up and down design of the conventional style, and adds some sense of hierarchy and design, which is a bit of a sense of SA.

Zhang Tianai (image from IC)

The tailoring design at the trouser leg has a kind of flared trousers, which can modify the overall line and make the vision look thinner.

Song Qian (photo from IC)

The front high slit type daddy pants are cool and sexy in summer, but need some aura to support.

The high waist design can cover the small belly well, showing thin and not tight. It gives people the illusion that there are legs below the chest, and the whole person seems to have lost several circles.

The same is more than 100 kg of body, fat or thin, perhaps just a pair of pants distance.

The existence of dads jeans is comparable to fixed knife plastic surgery. After wearing them, you will find that the whole person is tall and thin, and you dont need the happiness of P. who doesnt want to have it?

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