Escape from the chamber of secrets, not escape the big power earrings

 Escape from the chamber of secrets, not escape the big power earrings

Although the secret escape is coming to an end, the thrill and excitement are not reduced at all.

Whether it is the degree of darkness or the sudden appearance of the real NPC, still scared captain Deng Lun dare not open his eyes.

In addition to continuing to carry out the tense atmosphere in the end, the beauty and wisdom of the great power power has not faded.

Xiaojia, who is brave and fearless, also suffered a severe attack from NPC this time.

As long as there is no dark moment, Guo Qilin still keeps his brain running at high speed.

Although his mouth is broken, I have to say that Mr. Zhang Weis occasional brainstorming can really help the secret escape group out of its predicament.

As the only female researcher in the secret escape, she is always considerate of the team members. The peach feeling earrings with big power can add a lot of color to the plain clothes.

Did you choose the right one?

I dont know if you have the same doubts. Some earrings are very eye-catching, but they dont seem to be so beautiful with them.

Dont look down upon these changeable elves. As long as you choose the right direction, modify your face and make the finishing point, they can do it.

#Round face#

When it comes to the round face, you can always think of chubby, round and round, but the cute little ones with natural baby fat have a sense of anti age that no one else envies.

Sliding left and right

Long chain or earrings with strong sense of form can not only lengthen the lines of face and neck visually, but also neutralize the lovely texture brought by round face.

The original picture is from the micro BLOG @ Zhao Liying studio

Zhao Liying uses the simple earrings with long metal feeling and cheek, which can make the visual sense longer, and show the clear and natural fashion sense.

In addition to the simple geometric modeling, cute swag also has another way of expression. Tan songyun overlays the bow and metal chain, which also has the effect of face modification on the basis of young age style.

This years blingbling diamond earrings are as easy to handle as girls with round faces. Like Zhao Ruth, she chooses the slender strip style, which is simple and exquisite.

For long chain earrings, its a good choice whether its Vintages strong gold or fresh and bright silver.

#Narrow face#

Girls with long and narrow faces tend to be thinner. With a certain sense of skeleton, they are more likely to be wise and cool.

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In addition to the exquisite ear nail style, you can also try some pendants, ring earrings, but in the selection of length, it is better not to exceed the mandibular line, so as to better play the effect of modifying the face.

Like Zhong Chuxi, choosing some earrings with a strong sense of simplicity can easily separate the focus of attention from the face shape.

Original image from Weibo @ Yang Caiyu studio

Who doesnt want to be a girl who wears pearls. The mellow modeling and luster of pearls themselves can also well modify the facial lines. Like Yang Caiyu, she puts on pearls of different sizes, which also shows some womens sharp feeling in French retro romance.

The original picture is from the microblog @ Jiaxing dilireba studio

In addition to the delicate Mini style, a slightly exaggerated Ring Earring is also a good choice, which can easily attract the eyes and skillfully increase the width of the face.

Simple pendant can also be bold to try, round and soft line shape are good choices, at this time the role of earrings in addition to meimeida can also skillfully increase the sense of fluffy vision.

In the choice of color, you dont have to be colorful in order to attract the eyes. Low purity exquisite chain, or some metal texture can add a lot of color to the plain shape.

#Angular face#

Sliding left and right

The face shape with strong skeletal feeling will inevitably make people feel a strong sense of distance. Therefore, when choosing earrings, you can prefer the mellow and full type, which can not only effectively neutralize the excessive strong feeling, but also shorten the distance between intimacy and yourself.

Whether its long or short earrings, you can try to choose some fuller and mellow shapes. Like Shu Qi, long metal Earrings from rugby can make you feel light and bright at the same time.

It is said that high-level sense is not the same thing. It is better to use earrings to emphasize the characteristics of frankness. The round ring-shaped unilateral earrings can also highlight the frankness and carefree feeling when modifying the face shape.

Since you want to play a big role in trinkets, you need some careful matching machine. Removing the hardness of trigonometry and geometry can also give a personalized expression.

Linear, circular and soft radian not only infuse some soft color into the whole, but also endow infinite possible artistic expression forms.

Small, its full of energy

In addition to choosing the right style for you, dont ignore the confident attitude. After all, the inherent charm is the most attractive, isnt it?

There are tens of millions of earrings in the world. There is always a kind of fairies that are suitable for you. If you want to develop your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, you can start from now on.

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