Yang Ying responded to Zhang Ziyis praise and then sent a paper. Yang Mi commented on her like this

 Yang Ying responded to Zhang Ziyis praise and then sent a paper. Yang Mi commented on her like this

Do you remember the darkest days of your life? You may be lost, humble or miserable. You feel that you have become a transparent person. No one will see you. You even pull yourself away from the crowd, so that the world around you has nothing to do with you. Step by step, you are getting deeper and deeper in the dark abyss. But we always need the kindness of others. When you are in a bad situation, if anyone reaches out to you, please Do not refuse, because he will take you out of the dark, out of the abyss, back to the original world. You will find that this world, which has not been seen for a long time, is a little better than before. Transfer full of positive energy, but also for the end of the network drama momentum.

And good friend Yang Mi also left a message Mo Mo in the comment area to cheer for Yang Ying.

On September 1, Zhang Ziyi published her impressions and comments on skyscrapers, praising the director of the play for drawing on all kinds of cruel and realistic issues, without penetrating the point, but repeatedly touching the eyes.. Zhang Ziyi believes that compared with the previous Chinese TV series, its narrative technique is unique and clear. Although it is a multi line statement, it is not messy. The story is fascinating, and at the same time, it is moving and thoughtful. He also expressed his appreciation for the courage and backbone of the drama team.

In addition, Zhang Ziyi also praised Yang Yings performance in skyscrapers, saying frankly: we can put aside the doubts about angelababys performance for the time being. Her performance of Meibao is sincere and natural, which makes me feel inadequate. Her devotion and presentation of this role are worthy of recognition.

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Angelababys performance in skyscraper

Zhang Ziyi praised her acting skills. Baby modestly responded: I still need to work hard to stop being a vase? Babys crying drama exposure performance progress_ NBJS11310