China Film youth filmmaker project launched by Directors

 China Film youth filmmaker project launched by Directors

Ang Lee recalled that when he first directed the movie push the hand at the age of 35, he had a feeling of floating because he was called a director. But behind the scenes are all kinds of difficulties and challenges. He was honest that he was only a one-man force at that time, and he hoped that someone could provide assistance. Therefore, Ang Lee, as an old man, admonished young filmmakers to keep a modest attitude to make films. Huang Jianxin, with his own experience in seven films before directing his first film Black Cannon Incident, encourages young people to cherish the opportunity of the era of China Film youth filmmaker program and strive to realize their film dreams. Feng Xiaogang revealed in the video that it was precisely because of Beijing Film Studios flexibility in accepting young filmmakers that it finally helped him to complete his first film work lost my love forever in 1994. Jiang Wen used three too good to express his support for China Film youth filmmaker program and envy of young directors. Chen Kaige, a famous director, called directly for the China Film youth filmmaker program, saying I hope young film workers can gather on this excellent platform and work together for the future of Chinese films.

Fu ruoqing, vice chairman and general manager of China Film Co., Ltd., introduced in recent years, Chinas film industry has developed rapidly, and young filmmakers have contributed more and more excellent works. As the new force of Chinese films, they not only show their brilliance on domestic screens, but also bring their works overseas to tell Chinese stories, spread Chinas influence and help Chinese films become an important part of the multicultural world films. In order to better escort the young filmmakers, China Film Corporation Limited has decided to officially launch the China Film young filmmakers program, which involves in all aspects of the industry chain, such as investment and financing, production, publicity and film exhibition, to create a long-term mechanism for China films mining, incubation, cultivation and sustainable development in the future, so as to continuously promote the healthy growth and development of young filmmakers Creative support. At the same time, Fu ruoqing encouraged young filmmakers to live up to the opportunity of the times and forge ahead with humility.

In the future, China Film youth filmmaker program will select five projects each year to directly launch cinema films or online films. It will join with major film institutions, technology equipment companies, investment funds, head cinema lines and well-known directors and producers to form a full-dimensional integration of the industrial chain with strong financial strength and resource advantages, so as to boost the full development of young filmmakers We should give full play to our own creativity and style, practice our own film ideals, and contribute to the realization of Chinas grand goal of developing from a big film country to a film power as soon as possible.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020