The Indian army may take risks, and the Tibet Military Region has begun to collect data on plateau combat training

 The Indian army may take risks, and the Tibet Military Region has begun to collect data on plateau combat training

Commander Zhang Shuiyuan, a spokesman for the Western Theater, confirmed that on August 31, Indian forces illegally crossed the border again to occupy control near the South Bank of Bangong Lake and the reqin mountain pass, openly provoking, resulting in tension on the border. We solemnly demand that the Indian side immediately withdraw its illegal cross line occupying and controlling forces so as to avoid further escalation of the situation.

After the incident, Zheng Zhijian (wechat ID: bqzhengzhiju) noted that the Tibet Military Region disclosed yesterday that cross day and night training was held in Plateau and alpine areas with an altitude of more than 4000 meters.

This time, the PLAs statement is somewhat different.

White and black

Like many previous performances and training, Zheng Zhijian summarized the process nodes of performance and training in chronological order

1. In the daytime, the infantry follow the commander to rush forward in the swamp;

2. Under the cover of firepower, the firepower team goes forward to occupy the shooting position;

3. The engineer group came forward to open up the way for infantry;

4. At night, the attack team breaks through multiple channels to launch an attack;

5. The attack unit was suppressed by enemy fire, and the communication soldiers requested long-range artillery fire to destroy it;

6. The attack unit launches a general attack under the guidance of the illuminated finger.

Why collect war training data?

In fact, after a serious physical conflict broke out between the Chinese and Indian armies at the border in June, the Tibet Military Region has intensively launched practical training activities on the plateau in the past two months. However, in the recent training activities, the official expression in the performance and training should be paid attention to.

Yesterday, the official microblog of the Tibet Military Region evaluated the training and said:

Recently, a brigade of the Tibet Military Region has systematically collected combat training data in high altitude and cold regions to improve the capability of cooperative attack and system combat by exercising command and control, arms integration, and Firepower Strike. Song Zhongping, a military commentator, explained to Zheng Zhijian (wechat ID: bqzhengzhiju), that all elements refer to the participation of all services and arms, which is a joint combat exercise; the whole process refers to that the drill covers all elements of war preparation, start, progress and end, and more completely simulates the war process; in addition to all-weather combat day and night, there is also a significance of let the performance Xifang is considered in one time frame and has another dimension of reference.

What is more noteworthy is that systematic collection of combat training data in Plateau and alpine regions has not appeared in previous training exercises.

Song Zhongping told Zheng Zhijian that the so-called war training data, especially the war training data in the plateau and alpine zone, actually refers to the geographic environment information. If you want to fight a war, you must know yourself and know your opponent, including your own geographical environment and your opponents geographical environment. For example, geodetic coordinates, elevation, topography of different areas, etc., need to establish a complete digital map. In this way, a complete coordinate system and database will be formed during the war. With these, we can better conceal ourselves and find the enemy in war, and more accurately and reasonably plan the path of precision guided weapons. He stressed that such a battlefield database is very valuable. Battlefield training data is the core data that must be mastered for the PLA to prepare for military struggle.

In addition, song Zhongping also mentioned that the collection of the above data is different from the drawing of civil maps, which must be updated in real time. The earth is constantly moving, and the terrain and landform are also constantly changing. A small change may affect the tactical decision-making of officers and soldiers in the battlefield. In short, the more accurate the data, the better.

India wants a long-term confrontation?

Finally, lets pay attention to the latest developments in China and India. Indias risky measures are worrying.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, the global times reprinted Indian media reports that India was ready to engage in a long-term confrontation with China in the so-called Ladakh area of India, expanding its military deployment in the region and allowing it to stop China by all means. A senior official said India would expand its military deployment along the line of actual control in the next few days. Indian officials also said that clear instructions had been given to Indian security forces that every effort should be made to prevent the so-called unilateral change of the status quo of the actual control line by China.

Song Zhongping said in this evaluation that India has stationed 30000 troops in Ladakh all year round, and the number of soldiers stationed on the border between China and India can reach hundreds of thousands. This is undoubtedly a great threat to Chinas border security, which will objectively involve the energy of the PLA and our economy. In addition, Indias latest data show that its GDP has plummeted and the epidemic situation is becoming more and more serious. Launching military conflicts to transfer domestic conflicts is objectively in line with the demands of modi government. In addition, the United States continues to beat the drum, which further increases the possibility of India taking risks.

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Cross day and night coordinated strike drill of a synthetic brigade of Tibet Military Region (source: video synthesis)

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