Why is the man easy to have ambiguous affection to the younger sister?

 Why is the man easy to have ambiguous affection to the younger sister?

Its so nice to have a brother. He usually takes care of you and protects you in case of danger. Sometimes, some willful demands that are not suitable for parents can be put forward to the elder brother. Of course, due to gender differences, siblings do not need to compete for resources like brothers or sisters.

In a word, the sense of security that big brother brings to younger sister even surpasses that of parents.

Therefore, I believe that many girls have this kind of experience when they are young - envious that others have a brother. Even a lot of boys have had the same idea.

In addition to this childhood experience, when we grow up, we will also find that brother sister relationship changes into lovers, or lovers get along with brother and sister relationship after breaking up.

In high school, we had a popular relationship called brother and sister. Its two people. The girl is called the boy brother, and the boy is the girls sister. Frankly speaking, it is the prelude to love. Because at that time, it was not allowed to fall in love, so, in order to hide peoples eyes, they used brother and sister to match. But this brother and sisters, shouting and shouting on the change of taste! From the beginning of the formality, to the later casual, and then to the later wanton.

It is no exaggeration to say that the easiest way to change a relationship from a lover to a non lover is brother and sister.

Brother and sister, the most ambiguous relationship in history

In the ancient myths and legends, it is said that Fuxi and Nuwa are a pair of brothers and sisters who have no blood relationship. They match each other by their brothers and sisters. Finally, they get married. It is said that Chinas brother and sister culture is derived from this myth, believe it or not.

In other words, I know a lot of couples, especially those of a certain age. In private, they will match each other as brothers and sisters. For example, if you want to find a womans husband, she will probably say, Oh, youre looking for my brother XX? Hes on a business trip

In the simplest Chinese words, Mei or Mei Zi has long gone beyond the definition of younger than you, a woman with the same father and mother as you. For example, the current catchphrase bubble sister will never be considered from the incest point of view of your sister. In fact, sister here means spouse.

Literary works, needless to say, range from brother Baoyu in a dream of Red Mansions to Zhou Pinglu Sifeng in Thunderstorm are classic cases of ambiguous brother and sister relationship.

In South Korea, which belongs to the Chinese cultural circle, many young women also like to call their lovers or idols brother - that is, OOBA. For example, song Huiqiao in blue love for life and death calls her lover Junxi brother. The word ooh Ba really softens the hearts of many men (but there may be other parts that are hard).

To a deeper level, Chinas brother sister relationship is quite special. Many Western sinologists (such as Lucian P LucianW.Pye uff09Both of them mentioned the relationship of brother and sister in their works on Chinese culture, and pointed out that this kind of relationship is a special form [between love and kinship].

Experts pointed out that the reason why Chinese love the relationship between brother and sister is that Chinese people are relatively implicit in love, but we also have a strong need for security (Chinese people generally have a strong sense of crisis and often feel unstable). The relationship between brother and sister not only meets the need of security, but also gives a full reason for implicit feelings.

[a haven for emotions

The brother and sister relationship does satisfy most of the security needs, but for the protected Party - sister, this is quite understandable. Why do even men, as big brothers, like to talk about this relationship?

This is also a sense of security - for men, their ability to be recognized and needed by women is also a sense of security, a sense of security that shows that they are capable of standing in society.

For brother, the meaning of the existence of the little sister is to make him have the desire to protect her. When the heroism in the male heart needs to pour out, when he feels helpless and lonely, the cleverness and softness of the little sister often makes him feel more comfortable than the general tenderness and consideration, and her worship of him makes him feel more confident, just meeting the mans certain A desire for spiritual conquest.

There is an interesting study on how humans thrive and develop, which provides a clue. In experiments, researchers found that older people who felt they were useless to others were nearly twice as likely to die prematurely as those who felt useful to others. The findings reveal a more general human truth: we all need to be needed by others.

[advance can attack, retreat can defend -- the exquisite brother and sister relationship

Love really needs courage. This sentence is not only lyrics, but also reality. To take the step of love, we often have to sacrifice a lot, especially when the relationship fails, or the relationship ends when we express ourselves. How can the couple find a way to go down the ladder and express their feelings implicitly but pay attention to face? We cant be lovers, we should be brothers and sisters.

Maintaining the brother and sister relationship is always more harmonious than breaking off contacts, which adds a lot of possibilities for future reunions.

Now we should be able to understand why the swearing word Japanese sister has become popular? Because - not every man has a brother, but he must have a real or potential sister, and this sister is very important in his heart.

Finally, this song should be able to express all the brother and sister relationship summary.

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