Depression is just not happy? A man kills himself every 40 seconds

 Depression is just not happy? A man kills himself every 40 seconds

At 4:00 a.m., Doctor Liu, urology department of a hospital in Chongqing, received a call from the emergency department.

Dr. Liu realized that this was definitely not an ordinary emergency. He hung up and went straight to the hospital.

As soon as he entered the emergency room, he saw a calm expression on his sickbed, but his lower body was bloody, and the large gauze wrapped in it had been soaked in blood.

However, at about 11:30 that night, he cut off his whole penis and testicles with a fruit knife and threw them into the garbage can.

When the father found out, he immediately packed the cut tissue and refrigerated it, and took his son to the hospital.

It took 15 hours of long surgery to complete the organ replantation.

Seeing this news, I feel sorry and heartache.

Behind the cruel behavior, is the suffering depression patients despair and helpless.

Self mutilation, numbness to blood flow and pain, depression is like a heart demon that cant get rid of, and controls him to death.

In recent years, depression has gradually become a social problem, and the high suicide rate of depression is even more daunting.

Nearly one billion people worldwide are affected by mental illness of different degrees. 350 million people suffer from depression. On average, one person dies of suicide every 40 seconds.

Of course, not all mental problems need treatment. Many mild mental disorders, such as insomnia, can recover from stress and stress.

However, there are still a large number of patients with serious mental illness, who can not get professional treatment, and there is a huge treatment gap.

It must be admitted that depression is a killer disease.

The mind can get sick

But the neglected fact is that peoples spirit can also get sick, depression is one of them.

The left lamp of patients with major depression described in the book my antidepressant in mental hospital:

Depression is the saliva of death, it can dissolve all your energy and hope, let you become a prisoner of despair in the dirty, sticky mud.

There are too many stories about depression.

But how can not recite, she began to run out of control. Like magic Zheng general, she took more than 30 tablets of psychotropic drugs, all poured into her mouth, if it is over, there will be no pain.

This is Chen Mos second suicide, and her spirit has been completely out of control since she was diagnosed with depression last month.

Fortunately, Chen Mo was finally rescued. But it was not easy for her to live.

Headache, heart pain, breathing pain, tinnitus, depression afflicted her body.

Even though she took the doctors medicine, the pain still did not disappear. She thought, since the medication has not improved significantly, its just over.

At the age of 18, Chen Mo was supposed to be the blooming season of youth and sunshine, but Chen Mo was shrouded in the darkness of depression.

Suffocation, despair, nowhere to escape, can not recite the English composition is enough to crush her.

In addition to physical pain, mental pain is also uncontrollable, which is like a undercurrent of sulfuric acid in the brain, which corrodes the spirit of patients.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that depression is a bad mood, want to open up on it.

But this is not the case. Depression is a disease, a state in which the nervous system, endocrine system and emotional regulation system are out of control.

Daze, tears, is her daily normal, but she does not know why to cry, there is no incentive for despair.

Its like being beaten up for a long time every day. although she goes to bed early at 7 p.m., her body is getting more and more tired. Even if she just spits out a word from her mouth, she feels that she has to use her whole bodys strength.

Whats more, she is easy to collapse for trivial things and lose the idea of losing her life. Depression is like a devil, controlling her will

Some people have dyspnea and general pain, others lie in bed crying until they cant make a sound, anxiety, world weariness, hallucination and delusion, high suicide rate, high self mutilation rate and high recurrence rate, which are what depression patients are experiencing.

Constant pain, uncontrollable despair, and hellish torture.

Is the so-called mole ants still steal, but depression patients are always giving up the edge of life.

On August 18, a 53 year old man surnamed Feng in Dongguan was diagnosed with depression. After treatment, he returned home and died suddenly. His huge mouth was bleeding and he was rescued after four hours of rescue.

On August 15, in a community in Nanning, Guangxi, a man locked himself at home, climbed from the bathroom window to the outer wall of a tall building, and jumped from more than 20 floors. After the police investigation, the man suffered from depression.

On August 22, a 15-year-old girl with depression jumped from the 25th floor in Yuchan street of Luxian county because her parents forced her to learn piano. Her father was smashed to death to save her daughter.

Many people may feel puzzled and think that they are too cowardly, what a big thing, you cant kill yourself..

The social incomprehension pushes the depressed patients whose psychological pressure resistance ability is 0 to a deeper abyss.

Its the last straw to crush the depressed

Sometimes, it is not only the disease itself, but also the lack of understanding and indifference of the society that pushes the patients with depression to the end.

We often hear voices like this:

Eat well and drink well, what can be depressed?

Youre just being sentimental. Youre just looking for trouble.

Theres no depression. I think youre full.

Youre kidding. How can you be depressed when youre so optimistic?

The sufferings of patients with depression are regarded as jokes, even used to flaunt the trend and literature and art.

However, such entertainment and ridicule, like a knife, inserted into patients with depression.

Not long ago, net suppresses the cloud the whole network explodes, and depression culture becomes the fashion.

Net suppresses cloud refers to the speech that there are a lot of depressive emotions in Netease cloud music. It regards funeral culture and disease-free moan as literature and art, and is even ridiculed as per capita depression.

Its time to be depressed. My brothers are crying for me.

When you open your mouth, you will find that the old net suppresses the clouds.

If you are not depressed, delete each other. Everyone is depressed and you are happy alone.

I understand that everyone will have negative emotions and need to be released. But is it appropriate for those who blindly follow suit, flaunt themselves in the name of depression, and consume the suffering of depressed patients?

Bereavement is not equal to depression. People who always label themselves with depression, moan without illness, or even fabricate stories to gain attention and heat are really disgusting.

Maybe they have no malice to the patients with depression, but the patients with depression are living in deep water and suffering, and their psychological tolerance is also very weak. Such behavior undoubtedly makes the situation worse, and it is very easy to hurt the patients with depression.

You can be bereaved, hypochondriac, but please do not suck the blood of patients with depression, through the consumption of depression to obtain benefits and flow.

After watching a video, the program team invited several volunteers to watch the anonymous microblog and share their feelings.

I put on my mask and I cant take it off again. Its my stumbling block in junior high school.

I have loved a teenager for 1574 days, including 27 days of trouble and 825 days of waiting. Now I have no hope of waiting.

After watching, the volunteers often looked scornful and said with a smile:

Wow, people are so precocious now.

Im too young to see that I havent experienced life.

But when they turned to the back, their faces darkened

Zhang Chunru, a writer, committed suicide on November 9, 2004

@The lonely wind of fulfillment, suicide and death on December 12, 2018

This video pricks my eyes in tears. Many times, we always subconsciously laugh at other peoples differences, even verbal attacks.

However, these depressive patients strange behaviors and remarks may be their distress signals to the world.

If we can make a good understanding of these signals, we can often save a life.

Ive seen a talk that San Franciscos Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most suicide sites in the world, and Kevin Briggs is a patrolman here.

In March 2005, he saw a young man standing on a sidewalk on a bridge trying to kill himself.

Finally, the young man gave up the idea of suicide. Kevin asked, what makes you come back and give hope and life a chance again.

The young man just said, because you listened.

Understanding and listening can really save the spirit of desperate people.

Therefore, when someone shows you the idea of depression or suicide, please dont laugh or ignore it. He may be ill.

Dont feel impossible, even if the appearance of people who love to laugh, the spirit may be gnawed by depression.

Understanding and company is the greatest kindness we can give to the depression group.

If you feel that you have depression tendency and have affected your normal life and work, please be sure to seek professional diagnosis, do not insist.

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