Beijing: international flight entry personnel centralized observation point is set outside the Fifth Ring Road

 Beijing: international flight entry personnel centralized observation point is set outside the Fifth Ring Road

For the resumption of direct flights to Beijing, adhere to the whole process of health management. In terms of remote source prevention and control, in principle, passengers of direct flights to Beijing international flights should be citizens of the countries and regions with direct flights as well as Chinese citizens in the places. The transfer of personnel from third countries to Beijing ports should be strictly controlled. Measures such as customs clearance moving forward, health screening and seat rate control should be implemented. Before boarding, negative nucleic acid test and body temperature test should be carried out to ensure good health on the way Management, disinfection and epidemic prevention, emergency response and other work, four types of personnel, without nucleic acid test negative certificate, body temperature test beyond the standard, passengers are not allowed to board. According to the actual number of imported cases after entering the country, measures such as resuming the entry of designated first entry point and flight fusing should be taken in time to block the risk of epidemic situation input to the greatest extent. After arriving in Beijing, all international flights will land in t3-d zone of capital airport. Passengers will complete customs clearance, inspection, nucleic acid detection, etc. in the special area, they will be transferred to the designated place by special vehicles for 14 days of TCM observation. The centralized observation points for overseas personnel are set outside the Fifth Ring Road. The personnel with positive nucleic acid test results, fever or respiratory symptoms and close contacts shall be transferred to designated hospitals in a timely manner. Through the whole process of closed-loop management, ensure that the risk of epidemic input is minimized.

In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and service guarantee for inbound passengers, under the overall coordination of the joint prevention and control coordination mechanism of strict entry management in Beijing, the front command of joint prevention and control of Beijing port entry management, together with the departments of civil aviation, customs, border inspection, health, public security, transportation, foreign affairs and community prevention and control, carried out meticulous organizational work, and further optimized the t3-d special area insurance of capital airport Barrier mode and closed-loop management process, upgrade the safety protection and humanized service measures, and comprehensively improve the operation efficiency on the basis of ensuring safety. At present, all preparations are ready. We hope that the vast number of visitors can inquire and understand the epidemic prevention regulations in advance, support, understand and cooperate with all aspects of work, do a good job in personal protection and health management, be the first person responsible for their own health, and work together to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

Beijing Health Commission has set up special working class in Airport

This afternoon, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing was held at the 165th press conference. The first inspector of the Beijing municipal health and Health Committee, Gao Xiaojun, a spokesman, introduced the deployment of the Beijing based epidemic prevention and control leading group and Beijing Capital Management and joint control mechanism. After the inspection and quarantine, special passengers with fever and respiratory symptoms shall carry out medical and health management and emergency disposal such as rescue and transportation, medical investigation and treatment.

In order to implement the relevant work, Beijing Municipal Health Commission has set up a special working class in the airport to dispatch Beijing Emergency Center, Beijing Center for Disease Control and prevention, Ditan hospital and other units to further improve the smooth, fast, efficient and close cooperation operation mechanism, so as to do a good job in the management of medical and health services for inbound passengers.

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