Trump doesnt even use laundry detergent for China, and US intelligence officials say it cant be washed

 Trump doesnt even use laundry detergent for China, and US intelligence officials say it cant be washed

Politicos website, for example, said in its report that at the National Convention of the Republican Party held last week, trump popularized his allies, in order to build momentum for his campaign, and constantly hyped that the US intelligence department had evidence that China was interfering in the US election, so that Trumps opponent, former vice president of the Democratic Party of the United States, would win.

Among them, trump himself posted on his social account on August 26, saying that Chinese government media and leaders hope Biden will win. Once this happens, China will own the United States and the US stock market will collapse.

Trumps son, trump junior, put out a similar speech at the Republican National Convention on the 25th. First, he labeled Biden with a political label of Beijing Biden, and then hyped that China wanted Beijing Biden to win, but did not want trump, who was tough on China, to be re elected.

The US Republican Senator Tom cotton, who once rumored that the new coronavirus came from the Wuhan virus Institute and repeatedly supported various anti China political forces that split China, also published an article on Fox News Network, the mouthpiece of American conservatives, saying that China hoped Biden would win because Biden was weak to China.

However, poltitico said a number of U.S. intelligence officials and people familiar with the matter said there was no evidence that China was interfering in the US general election and aiding Biden.

For example, in a public statement released in early August by bill ivannina, head of the US national anti espionage and security center, showed that although China did not want trump to win the election and was also carrying out propaganda work on the United States, the statement said that China was mainly criticizing Trumps various China policies, and did not mention Chinas support for Biden And anything that helps Biden.

Other U.S. intelligence sources who have seen the interference of foreign forces in the U.S. election also told politico that they did not see evidence of Chinas interference in the U.S. election, saying that although China is a major and long-term national security threat to the United States, China does not pose an urgent threat to the U.S. election as Russia does..

(screenshot from politico)

The website also noted that although some U.S. intelligence officials appointed by trump and spoke to him, such as John Ratcliffe, the US National Intelligence Director, once told the media that China was exerting great influence on the US election and that such investment was far beyond that of other countries. However, some U.S. intelligence officials said this was not true. They did not see evidence of Chinas interference in the US election as Ratcliffe said.

The official also said that although China has the ability to intervene on a large scale in the U.S. election, intelligence shows that China is not willing to do so and has not done so.

In addition, politico pointed out that Trumps political opponents believe that Trumps constant hype about Chinas support for Bidens victory is to blur the actual situation of Russias support for his victory and its intervention in the US general election.

Finally, for many Chinese netizens who call trump chuanjianguo, it may be even more ridiculous for trump to popularize his allies statement that China supports Biden. After all, through trump, they still hope to see how low the United States can be in an increasingly divided society, with a difficult to control epidemic situation and a loss of international support.

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