Learning their deeds every day, Xi Jinping said, very touching.

 Learning their deeds every day, Xi Jinping said, very touching.

He said: in the red land of Yimeng, countless heroic sons and daughters have been born. The deeds of Yimengs six sisters, Yimengs mother and Yimengs red sister-in-law are very touching.

In November 25, 2013, Xi Jinping visited the Yimeng spirit exhibition in the East China revolutionary martyrs cemetery in Linyi, and met with the local advanced models and representatives of the former models.

This photo recorded a moment when Xi Jinping met with the local advanced model and the representative of the former model offspring: Xi Jinping held the hand of Yimeng mother in the hands of his granddaughter Yu Aimei.

Seven or eighty years ago, Wang Chuanyu founded a wartime nursery. In more than three years, he raised more than 30 descendants of the revolution and the orphans of eight martyrs, including the children of generals Luo Ronghuan and Xu Qianqian.

Yu Aimei once asked her mother why she was so cruel at that time? Zhang Shuzhen said, if you dont have your own children, you can still have them. If the comrades children are gone, Im afraid there will be no blood, and we cant let the martyrs break their roots if we give up our lives. In a few years, none of the revolutionary offspring they nurtured were few, but four of their own children died.

Now its hard for us to imagine how old people overcome difficulties and make so much contribution. Yimeng six sisters one of the second son of Yi Shuying such feelings.

In that era of war, Yi Shuying, Zhang Yumei, Yang Guiying, Yi Tingzhen, Gong Zhenlan and Gong Fanglian, the six sisters of Yimeng, were also the support of the peoples children and soldiers. During the battle of Menglianggu alone, they led the whole village to cook about 150000 Jin pancakes for the front line, raised 30000 kg of fodder for military horses, dismantled and cleaned more than 8500 pieces of military uniforms, and sewed more than 500 pairs of military shoes.

Mingdeying, sister in law of Yimeng (left)

One day in 1941, a small soldier of the Eighth Route Army was seriously injured when he broke out of the enemys encirclement, and happened to meet Ming Deying. Seeing this, Ming Deying risked his life to hide the little soldier covered with blood. After deceiving the Japanese soldier, he was rescued from coma with milk. Every day after that, Ming Deying cleaned the infected and purulent wound for the little soldier, and killed the only two chickens in his family to supplement his nutrition. Half a month later, the young soldier recovered and returned to the team.

At that time, there were only 4 million people in Yimeng mountain area, but 1.2 million people supported the army. From the war of resistance against Japan to the war of liberation, women rescued 60000 wounded people, covered 94000 revolutionary comrades, made 3.15 million pairs of military shoes, 1.22 million pieces of military uniforms, and 120 million kilograms of rice and flour

The stories of Wang Zhuangyu, Zhang Shuzhen, Ming Deying, and Yimeng six sisters vividly show the Yimeng spirit of harmony between the army and the people, life and death and co casting, which has moved generations of people.