US Department of defense releases Chinas nuclear bomb quantity for the first time

 US Department of defense releases Chinas nuclear bomb quantity for the first time

Is there any basis for the United States to say so? At this time, what kind of calculations does the United States have in mind when it releases smoke bombs on the number and future development of Chinas nuclear warheads?


Lets take a look at the latest report on Chinas military power submitted by the Pentagon to Congress.

With regard to the number of Chinese nuclear warheads, the report claims that at present, it is estimated that there are slightly more than 200 nuclear warheads in service, including those that can be carried on intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of striking the United States.

This is the first time that the Pentagon has indicated the specific number of Chinese nuclear warheads assessed by the U.S. military in similar documents such as the China military force report.

The report also claims that in the past 15 years, the Chinese navy has built 12 nuclear submarines, six of which are new strategic nuclear submarines, providing China with a credible sea based nuclear deterrent..

Later in 2020, China is likely to build a new attack missile nuclear submarine. If it is equipped with cruise missiles for land attack, it may provide the Chinese military with the option of secretly attacking ground targets.

In the past, the US military has always believed that China lacks modern bombers to project nuclear weapons from the air. However, this time, the Pentagon report said that the PLA disclosed publicly at the end of last year that the h-6n was Chinas first nuclear war bomber with air refueling capability.

However, no matter how much the report on Chinas military strength exaggerates the number of nuclear warheads in China and the trend of future construction, a reality that cannot be changed is that nearly 6000 nuclear warheads in the US nuclear arsenal are in active service.

This number far exceeds the number of nuclear warheads in China.

Moreover, the United States also has the worlds most advanced strategic nuclear submarines and stealth bombers, which can carry out nuclear attacks on other countries. In addition, there are a considerable number of land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles.

For decades, various western think tanks, research institutions with military background and media have different versions of opinions on the number of Chinas nuclear warheads, which shows that all of them rely on the so-called observation indicators, guess, guess, guess

For example, before the release of this years Pentagon Chinas military power report, the Stockholm based International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) released its annual report on June 15, which showed that the global nuclear warhead inventory had dropped to 13400 by the beginning of 2020, and the reduction of nuclear warheads was continuing.

Among them, the United States and Russia, the two nuclear powers, jointly own about 90% of the worlds nuclear weapons. SIPRI estimates that the United States has about 5800 active warheads, while Russia has 6275. Moreover, the United States and Russia are also modernizing their nuclear arsenals.

In addition to the United States and Russia, SIPRI estimates that Britain has about 215 nuclear warheads, 290 from France, 320 from China, 150 from India, 160 from Pakistan and 90 from Israel.

Therefore, a very important change is that it was the work of western think tanks and media to assess how many nuclear warheads China has. This time, the U.S. government cant help but jump to the front desk and begin to speculate on Chinas nuclear deterrent force for no reason.

The background is also very clear why the United States jumped out of the country.

In the face of the pressure of international public opinion, the United States tried to let China back the black pot and forced China to join the agreement reached between the United States and Russia on the limitation of strategic nuclear weapons, but it was rejected by China. Without Chinas participation, the United States is ready to let the START treaty expire in February 2021.

As a result, the United States has lost another shackle to the development of missiles and strategic nuclear weapons.

It can be said that in order to achieve its own goals, the United States analysis and assessment of the status quo of our nuclear weapons, as well as the prediction of the next target, are all groundless and groundless guesses.

According to the report, it is even more puzzling for China to catch up with the US military in 2049. The Pentagons eating picture of more military spending from Congress is too ugly.


On the whole, the Pentagons latest Chinas military power report first hyped the number of Chinas nuclear warheads for several purposes.

However, the US militarys provocation in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea has raised the risk of war and conflict. Nowadays, many Americans hate to fight. In particular, the United States is still in a relatively serious stage of the new epidemic situation, and the situation of economic recovery is not good. Therefore, if there is a war with China because of the provocation of the United States, trump will mess up.

Therefore, the trump administration needs to weaken Chinas nuclear deterrence to the American public. The U.S. military hopes to play down the uneasiness caused by their actions in the American society, and emphasizes that the ultimate strategic advantage of the United States in China is overwhelming. No matter how provocative the US military is, the American society does not need to worry.

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The Pentagon issued 2020 Chinas military power report, saying that Chinas nuclear warheads will double in the next 10 years (source: ~)

Second, we should highlight that China will build a large number of nuclear warheads in the future and try to force China to synchronize nuclear disarmament with the United States and Russia. A little more than 200, he said, adding that Chinas nuclear warheads will double in the next decade, which will reduce the space for China to develop its nuclear power in the future. China is forced to join the nuclear disarmament talks with a huge gap with the United States.

Third, from the perspective of Chinas nuclear policy, we have not changed. China pursues a low-key nuclear policy in one continuous line. China is the only nuclear power that has declared that it will not be the first to use nuclear weapons and will not pose a nuclear threat to non nuclear states.

One of our basic policies for the development of nuclear weapons is the one set by Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou. We will never compare the number and scale of nuclear powers. However, the United States wants to further develop its nuclear deterrence capability in order to continue to dominate the world.

Therefore, the United States wants to exaggerate the rapid development of Chinas nuclear warheads in the future, and the military power construction is becoming more and more aggressive, so as to shift the focus of international public opinion to China.

As long as we can ensure that our nuclear missiles can effectively attack the United States and form a sufficient deterrent to Washington, it is enough that they dare not act rashly.

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