I love you Shen Yue breaks through difficulties and sets a good example

 I love you Shen Yue breaks through difficulties and sets a good example

In I love you so much, Tong Xiaoyou not only simply and directly summoned up courage to express his love to Lu Xingcheng, editor in chief of iceberg. He also found that the editor in chief was in a low mood and had a lot of worries. He did not hesitate to spend time and energy to investigate the real situation of the traffic accident ten years ago, trying to make him untie his heart knot, put down his burden and live a relaxed life. Tong Xiaoyou firmly believes that every one of us has something we dont want to face, but you cant always avoid it. If you learn to face it, if you dont touch some wounds, it wont hurt, but it doesnt mean that youre cured. Only by cutting off those rotten meat, can the wound really get better. Shen Yues firm belief and straightforward character can make the image of Tong Xiaoyou incisively and vividly I am convinced.

Fathers love is like a mountain, speechless but the most profound, so Tong Xiaoyou learned that his father was suffering from gastric cancer, his mood broke down unbelievably, and he kept asking the doctor what method could cure the disease. In this play, Shen Yues emotions burst out in an instant. Her eyes are red, her expression is tense and her words are helpless. Her body is shaking because of her sadness. Her expression and lines are very good for people to get into the play. Her mood changes in a timely manner, which shows her deep understanding of the characters and her inner activities.

Tong Xiaoyou insists on his dream, participates actively and never gives up

Shen Yues optimistic and hardworking personality is consistent with Tong Xiaoyous attitude of going forward bravely without giving up. In the fashion cup competition, he was framed to cancel the registration and finally re entered the competition. In frustration, Tong Xiaoyou constantly enlightened himself that no matter how bitter the tea will be, I will not believe that I can make this bitter tea for a lifetime. God closed a door for you in this place, and a window will be opened for you in another place. There is no standard for judging good luck and bad luck, and then he regained confidence and made active efforts to challenge the bad luck. Shen Yues upward power from the inside out also set a good example for the audience.

I like you so much, Tong Xiaoyou is active in his work and never gives up. He will not let go of people who make trouble for him. In the competition, for Jiang Yans emotional and professional difficulties, Tong Xiaoyou has clear thinking and reasonable refutation. Whats the age? Is there any career in your mind? and is it because no one cares about you, so you feel that the good intentions between people are hurt, utilized and have ulterior motives? a few words make the other party powerless Refutation. Shen Yues brows are locked and her lips are turned away. Her impatient expression and final understatement show her mind that she doesnt pay attention to the other party at all. Her aggressive and sharp words make the audience enjoy themselves. The show is being broadcast all over Youku and mango TV networks. VIP members Update 2 episodes from Monday to Wednesday, and non members update 1 episode from Monday to Thursday. Watch I love you and feel the sweetness of love with Shen Yue, and experience the workplace life.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming_ NV5736