The body of a 15-year-old girl found in the sea

 The body of a 15-year-old girl found in the sea

Soon after, the girls mother came forward to clarify that her daughter died of suicide. However, the thugs who did not get the results they wanted stigmatized the mother as fake and forced the mother to do a paternity test.

Source: Hong Kong media

The girl, named Chen Yanlin, was a student before her death. On September 22, 2019, Chen Yanlins body was found in a Hong Kong Sea area. According to reports, because Chen Yanlins body was found naked when it was found, the salvage police thought there was something suspicious, so they transferred the case to the relevant departments for further investigation.

At that time, during the riots in Hong Kong, the investigation had just begun, and rumors were already flying all over the place. Many rioters and their supporters have repeatedly voiced on the Internet that Chen Yanlin was killed because of his participation in the protest and demonstration, and that he had been sexually assaulted before his death. There are also rumors that the murderer may have been sent by the Hong Kong police or the mainland.

To this end, the Hong Kong police have shown evidence such as surveillance videos and autopsy results at a press conference to prove that Chen Yanlin died of suicide and that there were no suspicious scars and sexual assault marks on his body. As for the naked body, it may be that the body was swollen and washed away by the sea water.

Source: RTHK

For the thugs who have been using this incident to discredit the Hong Kong Police, this is obviously not what they want. Shortly after Ms. He spoke, these thugs concocted rumors such as Chen Yanlins mother has committed suicide and this is a fake. They also compared the photo of Ms. He with a suicide victim and spread the rumor with pictures and words.

Whats more, these thugs, while shouting to seek justice for Chen Yanlin, went to ambush near Ms. Hes residence and on the road, insulted and harassed the mother who suffered from the loss of her daughter, and made a ridiculous farce to ask Ms. He to prove I am myself.

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On August 25, under great pressure, Ms. He went to court, presented Chen Yanlins birth certificate, and promised to provide DNA samples for paternity testing to confirm her identity. On September 1, laboratory results showed that Ms. He and Chen Yanlin had a mother daughter relationship.

Ms. He appeared in court, picture source: Ta Kung Pao

With strong evidence, most of the media, including those who took a stand against the protestors and thugs, reported the test results and stopped hyping the topics of being killed and counterfeiting.

Of course, even if the evidence is so solid, there are still some die hards among the thugs on the Internet. This shows once again that, compared with the truth, what they really want is a weapon that can attack the Hong Kong Police and the mainland.

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