Want to change the direction of work, very confused, how to do?

 Want to change the direction of work, very confused, how to do?

First of all, many people dont know what career to do. The important reason is that you may not even know what career gaps exist in the job market.

Its not up to you to take your career direction for granted. Therefore, it is recommended that you take some time to download some job hunting software to see what jobs you have and what they do.

Second, career planning should consider three factors: ability, interest and experience (Major). If you want to change jobs, you must explore potential positions from these three factors.

After looking at the job gaps in the current job market, you can roughly see their jobs and job requirements, and then compare them with your interests, abilities and experience.


After that, divide the occupation into two categories. One is that you are basically competent at present, and the other is that you need to accumulate some time to be competent. Sort out these two categories and then conduct secondary screening.

Give priority, send your resume to the positions you are qualified for, and prepare for the second category of positions that need to be accumulated, such as the software testing you mentioned, and study first.

Third, talk to someone with similar experience.

This information is critical, even if the company theyre in is hiring?

Fourth, as for the problem of not being able to learn and self-discipline, it is also because you are confused. The essence of what you do is the same.

Do you have a specific plan for self-taught software testing? Do you have a daily learning goal?

If you dont have clear goals and plans, your brain will not have a sense of self-monitoring, it is difficult to self-discipline.

Finally, let me talk about my feelings. I have received a lot of questions about job hunting and job hopping. Your questions are the most vague and not specific.

Now 30 years old, only mentioned that you have done the customer service work for 3 years. What did you do before? No, what do you value in your next job? I didnt mention it.

How long do you plan to study and how long do you plan to find a job? I didnt mention it either.

In fact, you are not ready to learn new skills and change jobs. You just pour out your confusion and anxiety.

Is it that you dont know what to do, or do you want to do nothing at all? Just use confusion, not self-discipline to avoid facing difficulties?