I dont feel the blind date, but he is very nice to me. Do you want to try to get along with him?

 I dont feel the blind date, but he is very nice to me. Do you want to try to get along with him?

On the first hand, I decided that there was no possibility of development with him. I was a little fat, and I didnt like looking and dressing up. I also smoked. I felt that the two peoples life styles were very different during the chat, so I decided that I could only be friends.

During the epidemic, he collected masks and alcohol everywhere and sent them to me several times. I was a little moved. He was willing to share precious materials in this situation.

I work in the city next door, and later I had to rework. He wanted to give me a gift and told me what to bring. On Valentines day, he came to my city all of a sudden. He went back and forth for four hours to give me presents, which was very valuable.

As for his performance, it is false to say that he is not moved. He also cares about me very much at ordinary times. He feels that every time he meets, he will gain some points.

Maybe he is the right marriage partner in other peoples eyes. He has a stable and decent job and good family conditions. He is also reliable and sincere at present, but I just dont feel excited.

I dont know if Im too idealistic. I pay attention to feeling, that is, I dont want to fall in love with him. I still care about his obesity and smoking

I am now in contact with him as a friend, he has indirectly confessed, but I am afraid that I cant feel after a period of time. What should I do?

After all, its hard to meet the right person you like? Is there only one of them? Looking forward to your reply.

Generals reply:

I suggest you take a look at this article those who have this view of marriage may never meet the right person. It is about different views on marriage and love, fatalism and growth type, will affect our marriage relationship.

You are close to the fatalistic view of love and have some rigid requirements for your partner. As you said in your question, you should dress up and have a good figure, and dont smoke.

I agree that there are demands, and I dont think they are excessive. But if these requirements become the decisive factor in whether you can establish a relationship with someone, it is really a risk to insist on your own requirements.

And the person who can get into your eyes, his requirements for the other half may be higher than your actual conditions. As a result, the mutual demands do not match, and there is no possibility of poor demand.

Its just a cover up for failing to meet the requirements. Please allow me to be more honest. Most of the no feeling is just because the other party is not tall or handsome, and the feeling is 99% determined by the color of the other party.

After all, its in love. You may even get married and live together for a lifetime. Its really a problem if you cant pass the color. However, peoples requirements for appearance are flexible. The upper limit may be Wu Yanzu. Obviously, the rate cant reach it.

What really needs to be clear is what your aesthetic lower limit is. If it can be higher than the lower limit, it is within your aesthetic scope. My personal suggestion is that you can try to contact it.

Never ask the other party with your highest standard, but measure the possibility with principles and bottom line. Within the scope of acceptance, it is not too difficult for yourself, nor is it a missed opportunity.

Two people together for a long time, even if the other side is Wu Yanzu, you will also be tired of watching, really let you often meet Chang Xin, in fact, is the little bit of getting along with each other, and each happy segment that you feel love and pay love.

Finally, you dont have to go up to the level of fit important or like important or like and fit one.

Your current love experience is not enough for a small sample size to support such a deep problem. Dont think too much, its unnecessary, but its tied up.

You just met a man. You are in contact now. As for whether you will have feeling in the future, you will have the answer if you continue to contact.

What can I do if I dont feel it? What to do, really dont feel, really cant pass the heart this pass to say clearly, say goodbye.

I still have seven days to return something. What Im looking for now is a lifelong partner. Cant we make more contact before deciding?

Or, try to meet seven times first to see if theres any reason to quit the relationship. Maybe the fourth or fifth time will have the answer.