After 14 days of marriage, I found a secret about my husband

 After 14 days of marriage, I found a secret about my husband

Looking at his mobile phone yesterday, I found that he was chatting with another person. I questioned him. He said that he was just an ordinary friend. He had no feelings for him. How could ordinary friends talk like this.

First of all, I dont know what kind of psychiatrist you see. The psychiatrist will not judge whether he is gay or not after consulting once. At most, he will give a judgment on whether he is homosexual or not. Tendentiousness is the possibility, so dont take the result of this consultation as the criterion.

I believe you can also realize that the so-called psychological doctors judgment needs to be reconsidered. After all, your husband had a homosexual lover before, and after he broke up with him, he had a hot conversation with another same-sex person. These facts can explain the problem more.

As for what he said that there was no sexual relationship, I reserve the opinion that the result of the subjective report may be mixed with water. Lets not mention these for the time being. From the two points of chatting with the same-sex and homosexual lovers, I think we need to consider whether this marriage will continue.

My suggestion is, in the long run, to think back on what things have made you feel uncomfortable from your contacts to now. There are several questions you can think about:

Is he anxious to get married? Is his parents pressing for marriage seriously? Is there any active intimacy between him and you? Do you reject your active physical contact and more intimate behavior? Has he ever talked about his past love history? Is there any doubt in it?

And, where did you say he was chatting with the same sex? The suggestion is to find out where he met the same sex from.

Finally, be suspicious, but dont ask questions easily. First, keep a record of his chat, including other evidence, and remember to record when talking to him.

After you know more about divorce, I think the answer will come out naturally.