One year after being beaten and jumped from a building by her husband, the truth came to light: I didnt commit suicide, I escaped.

 One year after being beaten and jumped from a building by her husband, the truth came to light: I didnt commit suicide, I escaped.

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1. Sentenced to divorce.

Ms. Liu has been waiting too long for this result.

Time goes back to early July.

The video of a woman who was raped at home and fell down from the second floor shocked the whole network.

In the video,

A man in black,

The woman subconsciously protected her head, but it didnt work at all.

Can only let the man pull his hair, all the way to the front desk.

And then,

The man punched hard and hit the woman in the face.

After that,

Men set up women,

Women have no resistance ability, can only be pulled away rigidly.

Soon after, a terrible scene happened.

In the video,

Still trying to make a call.

Suddenly, a big living man fell from the sky and hit the concrete directly.

Its not someone else who falls down.

It was the woman who had just been brutally beaten.

The video is shocking.

Everyone is guessing, the story behind the video.


She thought she was a woman who jumped from a building.

The man who beat her is her husband Dou.

Why was Ms. Liu beaten by her husband?

Why did you fall from the second floor?

Im not suicidal. Im escaping.

It makes your back chillyu2014u2014

It turns out that this is a domestic violence to kill people!

After getting the divorce verdict,

Ms. Liu was interviewed by CCTV.

In 2016, Ms. Liu fell in love with dou.

In 2017, they had a wedding reception and had a son.

In 2018, they registered and became husband and wife.

Ms. Lius family is not bad.

While doing business, while baby.

Although Dou is not rich and powerful.

But before marriage, Im quite sure.

Ms. Liu thinks that Dou is someone who can get along.

But it didnt take long to get married,

The peace was broken.

One night,

Dou drank a lot of wine outside.

After returning home, they quarreled because of Dous gambling.

In a quarrel,

Dou grabbed Ms. Lius hair and threw her three or four meters away.

The first time she was beaten, Ms. Liu was ignorant.

Before we could react, the violence took place.

he second day,

She packed and went back to her mothers house.

Prepare to divorce Dou.

Dou cried and knelt and begged.

A month later, Ms. Liu forgave Dou.

I didnt know. It was domestic violence.

She thought it was an accident under the influence of alcohol.

Forgiveness means two domestic violence.

If there is any friction between them,

Dou will end Ms. Lius confrontation with violence.

On weekdays,

At first,

Ms. Liu will try her best to resist and give a warning.

But Dou is very cunning.

He shifted the responsibility to Ms. Liu: do you know? Every time I hit you, you shut up immediately.

The implication is,

It was because Ms. Liu was not good at first that forced him to use violence.

in the course of time,

Ms. Liu became numb.

Every time she was beaten, her sense of resistance gradually weakened.

Because, she knows to bear in silence, beating and scolding will end faster.

Before jumping off the building, Ms. Liu was already on guard.

August 7, 2019.

Ms. Liu received a call from Dou.

He was furious: you die, Ill go back to the store and kill you.


Ms. Liu learned that,

Dou went to play cards that day and was caught by his mother.

He put the account on Ms. Lius head and thought it was Ms. Lius complaint.

I closed the shop immediately and went back to my mothers house. I didnt dare to go out.

She inquired about some legal measures and was ready to apply for a personal safety protection order.

Strangely, Dou didnt move.


Ms. Liu heard that,

Dou has gone to Zhengzhou.

She would dare to go out.

She went to open a shop by herself.

Part of the video is missing.

It was the darkest moment of Ms. Lius life.

Continue to get punched and kicked.

Her eyes couldnt open, her nose was bleeding and she was almost paralyzed.

In an interview,

But she didnt want to die.

Between being beaten and jumping, she chose the latter without hesitation.

Before marriage,

Ms. Liu never thought of it,

The one who was closest to her pillow turned out to be her killer.

For the first time,

This is the biggest doubt of many people after watching the interview.

In 2019,

In 270 million families across the country,

30% of married women have been or are suffering from domestic violence.

Every 7.4 seconds on average,

One wife suffered domestic violence.

They are in a very dangerous situation.

And very desperate.

The suicide rate is frighteningly high, accounting for 60% of the total number of female suicides.

Photo: Beijing News


Most of the victims,

They treat domestic violence as a domestic chore.

When they were raped,

Only 10% of them seek medical help.

Only 6.6% would choose to alarm.

They bear the violence alone.

ay in and day out.

It was not until he was devastated to look like a human being that he was finally known by the outside world.

Just like Ms. Liu.

The outside world cant find out.

Photo: Beijing News

Talking about domestic violence.

A lot of people dont understand the victims.

They are not stupid and low self-esteem.

Few people really understand it,

What happened to the victim.

Do you really understand domestic violence? u2014u2014

Steiner, the victim of domestic violence, asked the audience with a smile.

She was raped by her ex husband for more than two years.

Using her own experience, she summed up the five steps of domestic violence.

1. Build intimacy.

The perpetrators are very good at camouflage.

When they meet the right prey,

They will try their best to gain the love and trust of each other.

Victims in the early days,

Almost no smell of danger.


Its two doses of overpowering drugs given by the perpetrator.

The purpose is to make the victim fall in love with him.

2. Cut off the external connection.

Who can resist love?

Most of the victims will get caught.

Once caught by the perpetrator, there is little chance of resistance.

They will do everything they can,

Even, in the name of love, let the victims give up their work and stay at home.

The victim will be disconnected from the world.

Loss of financial resources,

3. First violence.

The perpetrator will not rush out.

The first violence, seemingly unintentional, is actually carefully planned.

He will wait for an opportunity.

And this is often triggered by the victims irrelevant anger.

There are two purposes:

1. Make the victim lose the ability to resist.

2. Let the victim have the fear of death.

In this way,

The victim who was suddenly beaten,

If you dont have time to think about the reason, you are already confused.

Her brain will be short circuited in an instant, leaving nothing but panic and helplessness.

Self mutilation is advanced.

Whats more, it will shift the responsibility of violence to the victimsu2014u2014

Because I love you so much.

Because I care too much about you.

Because I cant lose you.

Because you put too much pressure on me.


In a word, its the perpetrators who hit people, but the victims carry the pots.

5. Distorted thinking.

Why not escape?

This is the most frequently asked question when she comes to the outside world for help.

At the same time, it was her most embarrassing moment.

In the eyes of the outside world,

Its just about violence, its ruthless.

But that is wrong.

Between the perpetrator and the victim,

It distorts the minds of the victims.

They get stuck,

The confused role of the loved and the victim,

He used to love me so much?

This is a lot of victims,

The most secret confusion in my heart.

They dont understand at all. Its all the tricks of the perpetrators.

Whats more, escaping is dangerous.


The last step in domestic violence is to kill the victim.

Its a consistent, sustained behavior.

Every step,

Theyre threatening the victims.

Can always shake the whole network, cause hot discussion, even hear howling.

Some people were filled with indignation.

But when it comes to action,

How many people will lend a helping hand?

The reality is cruel.

Most victims of domestic violence are afraid to ask for help,


The whole society is putting pressure on them.

The pressure is invisible,

It comes from traditional ideas and exists in every detail of life.

When they try to ask for help.

Up to 44.4% of the family members would not support the victims to call the police.

Domestic violence is a scandal.

If the victim calls for help,

They plucked up their courage,

Waving flags and shouting to the outside world, exposing the pain, trying to ask for help.

More than 37.5 percent of the victims,

What we get is the result of reconciliation.

Their wounds are not seen,

To put it bluntly, even if you see it, you are ignored.

Photo: Beijing News

But the price is heavy.

She risked her life,

He jumped down from the second floor and suffered multiple fractures,

After more than a year of treatment, can barely stand and walk.

Looking back on the jump,

I dont regret it, she told reporters

How much pain is hidden behind this no regret. I dont know.

All I know is that besides Ms. Liu, there are indescribable victims of domestic violence who are desperate in the dark.

They dare not resist.

Because, the claim needs to bear greater discrimination and misunderstanding.

It shouldnt be like this!

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