Dont make do with yourself when you dont like it

 Dont make do with yourself when you dont like it

The older generation, with their own life, earnestly taught the younger generation that they would like to have their life over again and live again according to their own ideas, so as to prove their cognition to the younger generation is correct.

It seems to have a lot of philosophy of life, no doubt that with a person, material is the most important thing, people who will have a good condition will have a lifetime of happiness.

Is that so? I was once confused.

In order to save money, I will not worry too much about the material life of the older one. All problems caused by money will no longer be a problem.

Think about quite reasonable, life is not firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea. How can you live an ideal life without good materials? Although everyones definition of ideal life is different, the closer one is, the better.

But sometimes I think, if only because of the material and a person together, then these materials are enough to make them have the courage to face the future storms? Because of this material, am I willing to give up my faith in love? Because of this material, can I be willing to pay hard work for a person? Because of this substance, what can I do?

In fact, I dont have the bottom of my heart.


I think of many friends around me who told me stories about themselves and their husband. These stories have changed me a lot. I might as well share them with you. Maybe I can give you some answers.

I know a sister with strong public relations ability. She is in her forties. She is a middle-level leader of an enterprise. She is straightforward and cheerful. She has met many people in the world and has many friends. She is also very open-minded. She said that when she was young, she talked to many friends, all of whom had better conditions, but the one who finally got married was a poor family.

Asked why, she said, my husband is good to me and I like him. At that time, he came to pick me up and down from work every day. He didnt leave a day behind. Our house was decorated at that time. There were so many people. He was the most hardworking person to climb up and down. The elder sister said with pride on her face, and added: whats wrong with no money? How can I be willing to let you live a hard life for the people who are good for you. Then he looked up at his husband and said, husband, do you say its WOW? It was drowning.

My friend Huahua has always used four words to describe her husbands family background at that time: there are four walls in my family. Huahua is one of those people who will enjoy life. Whenever you open a new store, you will go to have a taste of fresh food for the first time. There are almost all brands of products that she cant tell. Such a girl, we always think that she should find the kind of people who have sufficient material conditions to explore with her, but he has found a husband who can support the whole family by himself.

Huahua said: to get married, we need to find a person with the same views. The first time we met, I thought it was him. Huahua and her husband had endless topics on their first blind date. When it came to their favorite restaurant, they hit it off. Then they took a taxi and drove for dozens of minutes to the restaurant. At that time, because of this, I thought he was a person who could live with me, Huahua said

Hua Huas husband worked in an advertising company at that time, and his income was not high. However, because of the nature of his work, he shared a lot of common language with Huahua, who liked to pursue fashion. Later, under the constant spur of her classmates little whip, her husbands job was getting better and better. Today, their living conditions are getting better and better. When they move to the city center, they still drive far and wide for a delicious meal.

In Huahuas words, if you marry the right person, thats life.


In Weibo, I often receive private messages from my friends. My parents find a good condition for themselves, but they dont like what to do, or they are also good to themselves. But there are always many places where I feel uncomfortable and I dont know whether to continue.

Have you ever thought about what its like to talk to someone you dont like about being together for a lifetime?

Will you ask yourself, is it worth it? If at that moment you do not even have a sense of happiness, just mechanical completion of a step by step, will you feel very pitiful?

If you are sure you dont like it, why waste each others time. Once the emotion has a split crack, it will be self deception, bear the good of others, but the heart can not accept it, but constantly make do with it. When the third party factors appear, the fragile feelings will disappear in an instant, hurt others and hurt yourself.

Most of the time, no will be responsible for yourself and your partner.


Sometimes, we always ask ourselves, if we dont make do with this, what if we dont meet the next one?

It really doesnt matter, you have to believe that fate in the invisible place, will be quietly arranged by God, there will always be a person you cant live with to appear around you, get all your willing.

When you dont like a person, dont make do with it. Settle your heart and let yourself increase in value. Be ready to know the right person who you like and like yourself. Dont start a relationship that is about to make up for when you are not sure whether there is love in your heart. If you miss the present accommodation, you will make way for the right person in the future, so that you and the right person will smile together in a sunny day.

If you dont make up for it in love, you can live as you want.