Little woman: why is it more difficult to break up in childhood?

 Little woman: why is it more difficult to break up in childhood?


Joes enthusiasm affected Laurie. This young man had a more or less sombre taste, and Joe was the best complement. Childhood, always flies by. When they have some understanding of emotion, it has been many years, many years later. It is believed that the sisters of the March family are all looking forward to Qiao Mas head. So, Joe and Laurie are also a couple that people think are more likely to be together. However, this is not the case. Joe was very frank and refused Laurie. Some netizens said it was a daytime play that took place outdoors. Even more, inexplicably pale.



The break-up in the film has a very tragic meaning. Or Joe took the initiative to break up, she pointed to Lauries deep courtyard and said aloud: I cant be a hostess, and I cant live in that world. Yes, its not a circle. Why should we strengthen integration. Indeed, marriage is not a measure of womens worth. She is not willing to let her marriage to exchange for happiness, and that is not her real happiness. So Joe and Laurie parted ways. Childhood sweethearts, two small no guess, can only look for that good in memory. Its a pity, such a good couple.

Some netizens said that Laurie still married Joes sister - what is this? Fertilizer and water do not flow into the field. No matter what, its a family. Different, at least some different. You think, of course, Joe is blessing the couple. Besides, Laurie is really a good boy. But what about Laurie? Its going to be a mixed feeling when you see Joe. This is the girl he once loved, even if it was just the love of youth. But Joe was no doubt an unforgettable passer-by in Lauries life. I dont think its lucky that love turns into friendship.