White moonlight: Zhang Yi tells you that professional women are more likely to be cheated

 White moonlight: Zhang Yi tells you that professional women are more likely to be cheated



In the first half of my life, Luo Zijun was a housewife at the beginning. She enjoyed herself at home and was not so gentle with her husband. Because Luo Zijun thinks, this family is his own, this husband is so good, how can not run away. This is the common mistake of too many women, thinking that marriage is a one-time investment. After the investment, you dont have to worry about anything for the rest of your life. This is not the case. The disharmony and warmth of the family is the potential danger of marriage breakdown. Housewife label, let her lose the sense of crisis.

Housewives, they can not avoid is out of touch with the society, can not keep up with the pace of the times. Luo Zijun cant understand Chen Junshengs hard work in the workplace. This gives Ling Ling Ling the best chance to go to the top. Luo Zijun as if a fool, and Chen Junsheng you say your, I say mine. But have you found that: the advantage of a housewife is that she seems to have a lot of time and energy to track, quarrel and make noise. She can be more reckless. She doesnt think that career is so important to men. This man really plays an important role in his family.


However, Zhang Yi of white moonlight was destroyed. His efforts have been exhausted, but in the career or overturned. She thought that her husbands resignation and going home would make her concentrate on fighting and killing. However, Zhang Xin has an abnormal relationship with this woman and that woman behind her back. What else can she do? In a hurry, you have to be responsible for the wrong decisions you make. She almost had to go to prison. If Yang Yan hadnt let her go, Zhang Xin would have cared about her old love. Zhang Yi, her end would have been more than divorce.

So why are professional women like Zhang Yi more likely to be cheated? Its very simple: for a man, his wife means marriage and family. However, you have to fight for a place in the society. What happened? It is inevitable that the family can not do a good job of taking care of both. Outside a little bit of seduction, men so easily give up you. If you dont know, its best to divorce if you know it. If you dont, it depends. As a professional woman, I cant tear down this face. Either the family scandal should not be publicized, or divorce. Does it make sense to you?


So, you can see that professional women are at greater risk of being derailed. Unless, this man must eat soft food, eat cannot leave you. But in my heart, I will not really love you and really protect you. And, by contrast: are housewives losing less? Professional women, really cant afford to hurt.

White moonlight not only makes you afraid of marriage, but also makes professional women more self-conscious