Im married and I dont deserve to make friends: how humble can modern womens self degradation be?

 Im married and I dont deserve to make friends: how humble can modern womens self degradation be?

After a period of time, a very Buddhist orangutan decided to try it. Maybe he was very lucky, but as soon as he climbed onto the box, he was caught by several other orangutans and beat him violently.

In fact, the same is true of human beings. For example, we have developed the tradition of men are in charge of the outside world, and women are in charge of their own affairs. For example, the tradition that women want to teach their husbands and children is already embedded in our genes.

This kind of unwritten agreement does not need to be regulated, because if you do not do so, you will feel guilty and uneasy.

I have met a woman who has no children for 10 years after marriage, and will automatically think that it is my responsibility and that I am sorry for my husband for not striving for success. Therefore, she can only demote and try to compensate the man from other aspects. Naturally, she will become very humble.


Embarrassed is, half of the meal, one of the girls suddenly left, usually we have a good relationship, so I went out to ask why.

Although I am speechless, I just have a meal, and seven or eight people together, but I did not explain any more, because I know that the man in her family is really careful.

What I cant let go is that how many women are locked up in marriage and put themselves in chains. It seems that if they dont, they will make many mistakes.

Many female colleagues in the company are the same. After work, they should take the subway home to cook for fear that it will be a little late. Therefore, you cant make an appointment with them, including the group building. They try their best to avoid or leave the party early. For example, we single love to play, like to sing a k after dinner, they are basically not involved.

I remember once I opened a new Thai restaurant and wanted to try it with my colleagues. She told me, no, my family cant cook. I have to go back quickly, or he will starve..

So sometimes its not that men are so domineering, or male chauvinism, but that women abide by such rules and never touch the bunch of bananas on the top of the cage.


Heard a lot of girls say after breaking up, you tell me whats wrong, I cant change it?

In fact, you may have done nothing wrong, he just simply does not love you. This will make the other persons self-respect more.

There is a very typical case. When my cousin was just married, her brother-in-law was very kind to her. Even she was not allowed to go down in the kitchen. She could be spoiled as much as she could.

If the husband and wife have a good relationship, there is nothing wrong with this. Love and happiness will be over. But the problem is that the more leisure the brother-in-law is, the more temperamental he is, the more selective he is. Because he begins to accept it in his heart, women should do these things.

So you see, in many family conflicts, it is a mistake to be too accommodative to a person, because the other party will slowly take your good for granted.

I remember that I had such a psychology when I was a child. If my classmates didnt want to play with me, I would review myself severely first, and then treat them very well, for fear that they would ignore me.

As a result, I became very self abased, which led me to go to the society later and always willing to sacrifice myself to win the trust and favor of others.

But in fact, a lot of feelings are wrong after all. The friends you want to make and the people you want to pursue dont look up to you very much, because they all think that you are too easy to get.

I have a high school classmate who has been married for four years. She knows that her husband seems to be out of line, but she chooses to be nice to him and thinks she can influence him. In the end, she is still disappointed and even abandoned by the other party.

It is unrealistic to try to stick the enemys bayonet with blood.

Many facts have shown that the more humble a woman is, the worse the outcome is. The sense of security obtained by self degradation and compromise is like a mirror in a mirror, which is broken when touched.

The truly powerful women are not light and thin. They are not afraid of losing, so they can get more. Its not terrible to lose anything. A terrible person slowly lost his original self.


Author: Feng Xiaoyi