The girl in armor sweet upgrade

 The girl in armor sweet upgrade

Sang Tian prepares for a surprise birthday

Sang Tian learned that Wen Bings birthday was approaching, so she wanted to join the team members to give Wen bing a birthday surprise. However, Wen Bing was suspicious of Sang Tians furtive behavior in the preparation process. In addition, Wen Bing saw that there was a small card with the words I love you in Sang Tians gift to William Shen (played by Li Jiulin), and their intimate behavior, Wen Bings heart was misunderstood and her anger value was soaring. Just when Wen Bing vinegar was full of sulk, a surprise birthday party made Wen Bing understand everything at once, and was shocked and moved. Moreover, as like as two peas, the two of them were just like the one who was accidentally broken by Sang Tian when they returned to the dormitory. They were all very well prepared for their birthday present. In a short time, the ambiguous atmosphere of the two people reached the peak. The black line of fate, which was haunting two people, gradually became a sweet red line.

Li Jiulin as William Shen

On September 6, iqiyis the girl in armor entered the sweet ending countdown. Two episodes were updated every Sunday to 20:00 p.m. on Tuesday. VIP members were the first to watch six episodes.

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