Everything for children? Single mom, its the wrong way to turn on remarriage

 Everything for children? Single mom, its the wrong way to turn on remarriage


As for the single parent people here, it is a bit casual for a single father to take care of his children. Because its not easy for a man to take care of himself. But also take care of the children, if still a girl baby more trouble. Single mothers may want to take their children with them for a lifetime. If you can meet the one who really loves you, there is no problem in remarriage. But where to find this true love? As soon as a man hears about a womans divorce, he quits in half. When you hear about a woman with a child, its more than half gone - thats what single mothers are like.


Yang Yan in white moonlight is a typical single mother. Whats more, its still a tragic one. The first marriage ended up cheating. The second marriage ended with domestic violence. Maybe, its bad luck for people, bad luck for everything. Or, its her destiny. Once, you cant escape. I cant escape twice. At the beginning, I didnt know that she was the third Xiao San Zhang Yi was looking for. Who would have thought that the woman who destroyed other peoples families was her. Why? Not because I love this man, but because of the children.


Wang Lu, Yang Yans only son. This child, following his mother, is also considered to be obedient. However, such a native family is not happy enough. So what? A sensible child is the best ending for a single mother. However, Yang Yan thought too much. She had to find a good stepfather for her son, so she tried every means to hold Zhang Xin in her hand. But Zhang Xin is not what you want to do, so Yang Yan has to use extraordinary means to achieve this effect. Yang Yan has done a lot of dirty things, although justifiable - but you are always shady business.

This tells you: all for the sake of children, this is not the premise of single mother remarriage. Only when you are happy, can children be happy. On the other hand, if you are not happy, whats the use of children liking this man? What you think of happiness, in the eyes of children, is only a superficial happiness. And it wont last long. And the child needs the original family, mother and father can be happy together under the same roof - this is their greatest happiness. Otherwise, no matter how sensible the child is, it is meaningless. They still have to face the result of family fragmentation.


At the end of the white moon, Yang Yans son Wang Lu almost ran away from home. Yang Yan himself, also took the initiative to leave Zhang Xin. However, Zhang Xin and Zhang Yi are divorced. In short, no one is the winner in this game. And there is a heavy price to pay for it. Fortunately, Yang Yan didnt remarry. If she remarried, she would get divorced sooner or later. Because of the abnormal state of marriage, what happiness can you say? Then, the child will face a second physical and mental injury. So, prepare for the worst. Ideal is very plump, reality is very bony.


Its not easy for a single mother to marry again!