Liu Kaiwei plays Zhou Ping

 Liu Kaiwei plays Zhou Ping

Hawick Lau follows the original intention of actors to explore the new field of drama

In Thunderstorm and thunderstorm after, Zhou Ping is played by the well-known Hong Kong Chinese actor Hawick Lau. Wang Keran, the chief producer of the liantai drama, met with him for the first time. After sincere communication and discussion, both sides reached an unprecedented consensus on the idea and planning of this cooperation, and their understanding of the characters and drama was also very consistent. Following his original intention as an actor, he reshaped himself and improved his performing ability. Starting from liantai opera, he brought more works with a sense of culture and quality for everyone. This is a new plan of Laus performing career. This makes Wang Keran believe that the sincerity and life planning of Hawick Lau is the first step to help him succeed on the stage, and also an important basis for overcoming difficulties in future performance creation. Before the epidemic, liantai opera was scheduled to begin rehearsal on June 1, with a total of eight months of rehearsal and tour. Therefore, after deciding to play Zhou Ping last year, Hawick Lau decided to devote himself to the series. He declined other job offers, recited his lines, accompanied his family and waited for rehearsal.

He Saifei

He Saifei, Shi Ke and LV Xingchen share the stage

The actor who plays Lu Shiping in Thunderstorm and after thunderstorm is he Saifei, who plays Fanyi in thunderstorm, and Shi Ke, Empress of Romanian Film Festival, plays Fanyi in thunderstorm; LV Xingchen, Empress of Shanghai International Film Festival, plays Sifeng in thunderstorm, and Fanyi in thunderstorm is the most active and influential Beijing Peoples Art Theatre in China The actor Kong Wei. Four women in a play, which is too much to watch. Just like he Saifei, the beauty under the stage is so beautiful that Zhou Puyuan can never forget the woman on the stage. Shi Ke, the queen of temperament is under the stage, and the air field on the stage is just like swallowing mountains and rivers. Lu Xingchen, the literary and art film actress, is full of vitality under the stage, and the stage is also full of youth, giving people the same breath of spring. Kong Wei, who has played in new fields and Beijingers by Yang Hua, is one of the most influential actresses who are familiar with Cao Yu and Wan Fangs characters. Such a cast of actresses is expected.

This time Thunderstorm and Thunderstorm u00b7 after plays Lu GUI is the old drama bone Yan Guanying. This is an underrated actor. It is reported that Yan Guanying did not officially enter the audience until he was 52. At the age of 60, Jia Gui became popular with his underground transportation station and became famous all over the country. Ke ran, the chief producer of thunderstorm and thunderstorm after, said that Yan Guanying is one of the top Comedians in China, and he is one of the most creative and rhythmic actors in Chinese comedy. In order to invite him out of the mountain, however, he once sent out an invitation to Yan Guanying three times, which can be described as three times care. On July 31, Yan Guanying also took the lead in the special action to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Cao Yus birth. She only performed a segment of the Yanghua drama journey in winter, which astonished the audience. The audience said that they did not expect that the comedian performing tragedy should be so natural and profound.

In addition, Tong Ruimin, who plays Zhou Puyuan, is one of the most senior drama educators in the performing arts circle. As the former director of the Acting Department of Shanghai drama academy, the star students he trained have become well-known powerful actors. In addition to the above stars, the actors of the Thunderstorm and after Thunderstorm include Luo yongjuan, champion of CCTV dream Chinese womens group, Li Zonglei, senior stage drama actors, Ding Yang, Sui Guo, and newcomers Zhang Heqin, Liu Encheng, Wang Zixin and Shi Wanchuan. They will complete this classic, grand and full of Chinese contemporary drama together with the actors, stars and movie queens Works full of poetry and youth. It is reported that the premiere of Thunderstorm and Thunderstorm after will be held at Poly theatre from December 23 to December 27. As for the relevant progress of the play, Rumeng theater will be released in succession. Please pay attention.