Because of the 13 words, I was collectively black - this is the toilet paper law!

 Because of the 13 words, I was collectively black - this is the toilet paper law!

Then he tells how her boyfriend is not good to her. He has a strong sense of control and spends her money, which makes her suffer from anxiety disorder.

After losing patience, she couldnt help sending 13 words to her roommate: dont pay attention to such a silly person!

Unexpectedly, roommate immediately sent this sentence screenshot to his boyfriend.

The man sent a message abusing her for two whole days.

Whats more, when school starts after the summer vacation, the girl finds herself isolated.

Their class was originally more boys than girls. Now all the boys are alienating her and treating her as a poison.

In this way, it is tantamount to offending most of the students in the class.

At the bottom of the post, many netizens said, isnt this my experience? As like as two peas!

Dont get involved in other peoples emotional problems. Its a lesson of blood and tears!


Its normal for a person to complain to you once or twice, because everyone has emotional breakdown and needs comfort.

If a person takes up your time every day, he will cry, complain and pour out his emotions to you.

So theres no doubt she doesnt care how you feel.

Your friendship is worthless after she has read it and can be discarded at any time.

A friend of mine once had an experience similar to this post. u2014u2014At the beginning, a female colleague cried every day about how her boyfriend went too far.

Her boyfriend, it looks like nothing.

But this friend is more intelligent, thought: if I follow her to say a few bad words, she and her boyfriend tomorrow make up, will not be very embarrassed?

As a result, she tried her best to persuade her colleagues to be more open-minded, like a housewife of a neighborhood committee. She also tried her best to find gold in the sand and listed several small advantages of her colleagues boyfriend.

Its hard to laugh atu2014u2014

The next day, the female colleague made up with her boyfriend as expected, and the rumors that she secretly fell in love with her boyfriend spread all over the company.

The logic of female colleagues is also very clear: my boyfriends advantages, she even see more clearly than me? I dont know how long Ive been harboring a ghost!

You see, in a man as lifes eyes, her boyfriend, only she can scold, only she can praise.


Because shes probably ready to pull you black, or to be pulled black by you.

It can be said that she has heard all kinds of sad things.

Once I asked her, what happened afterwards? How are they doing?

She shook her head and said, I dont know. They never contacted me again.

In my understanding, one person can open his heart and tell the other the most secret pain, which means that they have established a good sense of intimacy and are friends who have touched each others souls.

Shouldnt such friends be invited into life?

How can there be no contact?

Once he does, youll soon have a big fight, or youll drift away in a tacit agreement.

People will need a piece of toilet paper when dealing with difficult, unbearable and difficult problems in life.

Once its done.

The most comfortable way for him is to put his fingers and all kinds of bad memories of the past behind him.


For people in love, it is almost an instinct to value color over friends.

Many people like to take their boyfriends to meet their girlfriends.

After knowing each other, the man cant help but ask: how do your best friend evaluate me?

At this time, some girls like to seize the opportunity to borrow the tone of a close friend, give her boyfriend some good advice:

She said youre a little out of my league.

She said you look just so so, not very good at taking care of people.

The girls goal, of course, is not to betray her best friend on purpose, but to hope that her boyfriend can learn a lesson and treat her better.

What about boyfriends? Do you really reflect on these words in time?

No, usually, he just remembers grudges.

He would think, well, your best friend is not a good person. She doesnt like me. She wants you to leave me.

Once they have a quarrel, the man will be angry with others: you listen to that girl again, say something bad about me?

Shes so nosy, Ill teach her a lesson sooner or later!

Unknowingly, the innocent girl became the toilet paper for the two people to deal with the bad relationship.

From the beginning, she was the one who was sacrificed by default.

So, every time a reader asks backstage, how do I deal with the relationship between my boyfriend and my best friend?

I will answer: your boyfriend, and your best friend, the best relationship is that it does not matter.