Do these things well, no woman will be willing to leave you, love you too late

 Do these things well, no woman will be willing to leave you, love you too late

She doesnt expect to be rich and rich in the future, have no worries about food and clothing, and be able to live a better life than the next. What she wants is that you should be nice to her every day. If you are not unhappy, you will lose your temper. If you encounter pressure and frustration, you will engage in a cold war. If she says more, you will feel that she does not understand you enough.

You think today is a small matter, she quarrels with you is unreasonable, tomorrow another small matter, she is still vexatious, until one day, she does not even have the strength to make, your relationship will be completely over.

Maybe youll get better in the future, but thats not what she wants.

The separation of love, there are reasons and results, no one will want to live with a person for no reason, and will not choose to give up inexplicably.


Although some girls claim to be female men, once they fall in love, they all hope that they dont have to go out with their brains. That person will take care of everything for themselves.

So if a man really wants his woman to be inseparable from himself, he must do the following things well.

In the TV series struggle, Lu Tao asked Xia Lin, if I had been poor all my life, would you still like me?

Charlene said, if you work hard all your life, I love you no matter how poor you are.


This life is a process of cultivating ones mind and nature. One should constantly improve himself and dare to face his own mistakes. Therefore, the second thing a man should learn is to see the change and become more and more tolerant.

Feelings are also like sailing against the current. If you dont advance, you will retreat. If you have been together for a long time, two people seem to be used to certain things and have no mood to maintain them. Then the emotion is a state of consumption, and patience will be used up one day.

Love also needs to grow, growth needs to change.

Especially men, to let girls feel mature in the feelings, from the original young love impulse, a little bit to learn to understand, learn to stand on the other sides point of view.

This will make a woman feel that you are getting better and better for her, and she will naturally be reluctant to leave you.

Im afraid that you dont like to listen to her more and more. If you dont come, youll be bored if you dont come back. If you quarrel, you wont want to coax. Then her heart will become cold one day.

In this world, no one has the obligation to be good to anyone, including your parents, so we should know how to be grateful.

Therefore, the third thing men should learn is: to know how to respect each other, dont take her good to you as your proud capital.

First of all, this kind of respect comes from the heart. If there is no respect, there will be no gratitude. For example, respect for her ideals, respect for her freedom, respect for the way she treats the world as a woman.

There are many men in love for a long time, because of the strong sense of dependence of women, they feel that they know what they know, and they have to listen to their own opinions and even make decisions for her.

The most terrible thing is that some men will finally feel that she does not know anything and can only buy cosmetics.

If this is the case, your relationship will not last for a long time. She is not ignorant. She is strong and may not be worse than you, but she cares more about love and you. She pays more in life.

Therefore, please put away the male chauvinism, learn to be grateful for everything she has done for you. Only by making her feel that she has been valued in her heart, she will leave a sincere heart to you all the time.

Finally, I wish all lovers in the world get married and everyone will find their own destination.