Cheating is not just a mans patent.

 Cheating is not just a mans patent.


In fact, cheating is not just a mans patent..

Judging from the rate of womens infidelity within marriage, this group is not a small number.

There is a set of Statistics:

As of 2015, one out of every three men had been cheating in marriage.

One out of every seven and a half women is cheating.

Moreover, the rate of infidelity among Chinese women has ranked first in the world.

Just some time ago, Zhang Yuting, a senior executive of Greenland, was derailed.

So, what are the characteristics of women who cheat?

Lets talk about it today.

Men take material as chips, women exchange their bodies. It seems stable on the surface, but in fact, there are many crises.

The emotional combination of barter easily leads to unbalanced psychology of derailment.

Think about the uproar before the Ma Rong derailment incident..

Why is the heat so high?

Because Wang Baoqiang gives everyone the impression that he has been working hard to earn money, loves his wife and loves his children.

As a result, even such men have been let down.

In fact, this result can be said to be expected.

Ma Rong chose Wang Baoqiang with a clear purpose, which is to improve the material life.

Before entering into a marriage, women have certain material requirements for men, which is a feature engraved in their genes.

But if only for the sake of material and choose a man, will inevitably cause imbalance.

This imbalance is not the imbalance of needs between men and women, but the imbalance of self needs.

There are three requirements for intimacy:

Commitment, company, passion.

Ma Rong really realized her core needs through Wang Baoqiang.

But this kind of material satisfaction is only at the level of commitment.

The lack of company and passion will inevitably lead to the imbalance of inner needs.

And this kind of psychology, as time goes on, will eventually be reflected in emotion and behavior.

There are not a few people who want to rely on one sides economic resources to achieve class leapfrogging.

But there are very few people who really use this method to get happiness.

In fact, ones internal needs are divided into different levels and stages.

For example, if a person wants to be rich at this stage, he will not worry about other factors and find a big brother with a lot of money.

When her desire for material is satisfied, she will gradually want to fill other gaps in her heart.

Lack of spirit is the most likely cause of internal friction.

Im not happy. Dont think about it.

Or, put it into action and cheat on someone who can meet their spiritual needs.

Excessive pursuit of material, but also in pursuit of money to bring her pleasure.

Its also an addiction

But there is a threshold for this pleasure.

When the material living conditions remain unchanged for a long time and have been internalized into a persons habit, the pleasure that money can provide will gradually fade away.

Such as the excitement and pleasure of cheating.

2u3001 Easily moved by giving

And moving, in essence, is just self righteous false love and love enjoyment.

Li Xiaolu said in a variety show: I accept Jia Nailiang because of my parents.

Even if you are sick, you should insist on flying to Li Xiaolu to spend Christmas with her;

On rainy days, Li Xiaolus shoes were not touched by the rain, so he picked her up and crossed the road;

What style of male star Li Xiaolu likes, Jia Nailiang tries to get close to her favorite style

I seem to be in love with you.

Yeah, its just like, its not true.

Because the existence of this relationship depends only on the maintenance of one person.

Such a false intimacy is fragile like a bubble.

When a woman really falls in love with a man, she often begins with a sense of worship.

If you fall in love with a persons stable value, such as wealth, talent, self-cultivation, appearance, etc., then your mood in the relationship will be relatively stable.

If you just like the other party to their own pay, out of moving and blindly accept, in fact, it is harmful to others and yourself.

First, the lack of love in the heart is irreparable no matter how much the other party does.

Second, in such an emotional relationship, it seems that you are in a high position, but in fact, the initiative lies in the other party. Your sense of security comes from whether he continues to pay and invest in you.

So the woman in such a relationship has neither the satisfaction of love nor the sense of security.

I just want to find one thats good for me.

There is nothing wrong with this standard, but the moving false love is undoubtedly a dangerous seed for the relationship between two people.

Or, the girl meets the true love, falls into the tangle, even derails.

Either the boy is tired of giving, ends the relationship, and both sides are hurt.

Just like the relationship between Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang, one pays and one is moved.

And the price that cannot be resisted is huge.

3u3001 Too much emphasis on sexual liberation

Feminism is not an excuse for infidelity and promiscuity.

On Weibo, a man shared his chat with his girlfriend.

The title is: my Wenqing girlfriend got on uncles car. Cheating in Tibet is not called cheating, its nature liberation.

Girls say to her boyfriend that they want to pursue poetry and distance, turn around and make love with uncle on the plateau.

Its just a liberation of nature. For me, its an experience and a feeling.

The cheating and agreement Pao is so fresh and refined.

Sexual freedom in the present view, there is no blame, but at least we should keep both sides are single.

Cheating is cheating. Whats the matter with sexual liberation?

Theres nothing to be washed white about cheating, both men and women.

Since two people choose to enter into a marriage, it means that they recognize each others commitment to loyalty.

Most of the time, infidelity has little to do with love or not. It reflects a persons sense of responsibility and moral standards.

Indeed, no one can guarantee that after entering into a relationship, you will not fall in love with others.

But at least, we can choose a relatively harmless way to deal with it. For example, after ending a relationship, we can calmly move on to the next one.

People can restrain their instinctive impulses and face their various needs with restraint and rationality.

The deviant uses instinct as an excuse to label himself as human.

People who dont know how to respect others in their feelings dont really respect themselves.

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