Island School flower revenge for her ex boyfriend went to the sea to film, this wave of killing the enemy 100 self loss 8000?

 Island School flower revenge for her ex boyfriend went to the sea to film, this wave of killing the enemy 100 self loss 8000?

There is a sweet and Lovely Japanese national treasure beauty Takizawa Lola.

Who else saw the next door sister peach is muxiangnai.

Most of these action movie actresses choose to go to sea for a living

But what we are going to talk about today is a student of law, Kanako chaocang. After going into the sea, he changed his name to Kawasaki.

Born in April 1995, she graduated from the law department of the Japanese Academy of learning university. When she was a junior, she won the title of Miss college 2016.

Japans Emperor Akihito, Emperor Showa, our last emperor of China Aixin Jueluo Puyis younger brother PuJie have studied in this school.

Hayao Miyazaki, Yoko Ono, Seiyo Inoue and malinai are also well-known alumni of the University.

It is reasonable to say that all the graduates of this university are not worried about whether they can support themselves or even rely on one person to support a large family. Whats more, she is the first place in the beauty contest of Miss Academy. How could she think of going to the sea?

There may be some good brothers who dont know how powerful and valuable this beauty contest is.

It is reported that Japanese college students who have emerged in this beauty pageant will have a very bright future in the future, either to become an actor or to become a anchor in the military arts.

At the award ceremony, the Miss campus champion spoke enthusiastically about her ideal to become a film actress in the future.

You can see the nobles temperament in every move. His skin is white and beautiful, and his youth is lovely.

In her life, Kanako ASAKURA is quite different from the pure image. Although she studied ballet as a child and began to dance jazz in high school, she also had a feeling that she liked to be seen by others since then.

In an interview, she actually revealed that she had lost her first time at the age of 14 and had a strong desire.

Usually in addition to watching action movies, she will constantly look for objects to vent, and more than 50 people have sexual experience, more than 30 of whom are her high school men.

Im dead. Is this the pure school flower? No wonder she laughed so hard at the awards ceremony.

In order to maintain the image of pure school flower, ASAKURA abstained for half a year and tried to associate with fixed objects for three years under the introduction of friends.

However, the boyfriend had an affair.

Isnt it, sir? Lets not say that during the epidemic period, the action film industry was not very prosperous. The school flower of the famous aristocratic school fell into the sea because of her boyfriends cheating? Whats the picture?

In this regard, she also explained that on the one hand, she likes to be noticed, on the other hand, she is to revenge her ex boyfriend.

In order not to damage the image of the school, Kanako ASAKURA changed his name to kawakamei and signed a formal contract with the producer.

It is reported that due to her status as a famous school flower, the contract is different from others, and the price of each film is much higher than the market price.

After filming her first adult film, she confessed: the short-term income is about 10 times that of a college wage.

Good guy, how can you make money? Its good to read more books.

Although she has only been in the sea for a few months and is a newcomer, she said in her late night program u3058u3063u304fu308au3044u30bfu30edu30a6), she has always enjoyed the attention of others.

Jiecheng said that she likes her present job very much, and she will also want to develop into the performing arts circle in the future, to be a real actress, but she does not want to be labeled as pure or pale.

Its very tiring to live under the label given by the outside world. She tore off the label and lived under the label of her own action movie actress. In the eyes of outsiders, the label is not so glorious, but at least she has lived her own self.

Of course, we dont mean how right this choice is. Netizens eating melons just feel that they see a huge contrast and depravity in her body.

For most people, tired of ordinary ordinary days, who do not want to degenerate a little bit to play wantonly to enjoy life, but the pressure of life let us not suppress their own nature.

However, she has taken a step that most people dare not take. Maybe it is too degenerate, but this is her nature, her hobby, and her courage beyond ordinary people.

Life in this world, we have to be mediocre and normal, but we are not willing to be mediocre or normal.

I hope one day we can have the courage to live the life we want