CCTVs first brother ate ice cream on the street and was ridiculed by netizens for his failure in life

 CCTVs first brother ate ice cream on the street and was ridiculed by netizens for his failure in life

In the camera, Zhang Hongmin is sitting on a street bench eating ice-cream alone. It was a pleasant scene because a pair of Internet Keyboard heroes were added to the scene.

Keyboard man mocks the 59 year old anchor as a loser:

But this retired well-known anchor may not be unfamiliar with this kind of news. Because since he retired from CCTV at the age of 53, he has never married for life, and has been hyped every year.

Zhihu netizen Vincent fanmeow has sorted out the news of Zhang Hongmin over the years since he retired.

At age 59:

At age 58:

At age 57:

At 56 years old:

At age 59:

Some people say that netizens have no memory. They take out the same thing every year to change their age. They didnt expect to be sprayed into a sieve by millions of netizens.

Many people are bitten by the stereotyped life. They think that the mode of happiness is limited: high officials and high salaries are happiness; having children and women is happiness; being rich and rich is happiness.

If you have these, you will be happy. Life is too simple.

In fact, the real secret of happiness is diversity.


If money means happiness, Ma Yun, whose assets are 10000 times as much as you, will be 10000 times happier than you?

In the fourth season of the wonderful flowers, Chen Ming gave an example

The prince of Persia once held a banquet for messengers from all over the world.

The envoys from Africa and those from the East had a great dispute over how to deal with the dead body of the old man.

The messenger from the East said:

After the old man died, they would eat the remains of the old man. Its really cruel. Its just immoral...

The ambassador from Africa said:

After the old man died, they even buried the old man in the soil and let them rot in the soil. Its really cruel. We eat the body of the old man and let him integrate with our body, so that they can get new life

What do you mean? It means that the world is very complicated. What you cant understand may make sense to another person.

Maybe what you like and you take for granted, if you grow up in a different environment, culture and personality, you will feel totally unable to accept it.

Thats what your honey, thats arsenic.

It is a disease to think that you are the yardstick of everything.

Secondly, if you force others to use your own values and standards, you will not only lose your mind, but also fail.

Confucius said, do not do to others what you do not want.. There is also a more terrible disease, that is, do not do to others what you want..

Dont impose your principles and standards on others. Otherwise, you will not only make everyone suffer, but also you will fail miserably.

A Buddhist mother-in-law was obstinately opposed to her daughter-in-laws business of stewed chicken feet, which made her family very unhappy.

Forcing others to do things according to their own ideas, otherwise they will get angry, quarrel, and do things. Thats all greed, anger and infatuation. It can only be regarded as superstition, not wisdom and trust.

I think of a story. Kublai Khan had a close relationship with the living Buddha and respected him as his imperial teacher. So he wanted to promote Tibetan Buddhism in the whole country.

Although it would bring great power and glory, he declined because he thought coercion was not in line with Buddhism.

If you want to be vegetarian and believe in Buddhism, that is your right; if I want to eat chicken feet and elbows, that is my right. If you dont force each other, you can be happy.

But many people just cant accept that its wrong if you dont get married, its wrong if you dont have children, its wrong if you dont make money

In the final analysis, many people blame others because they dont meet their expectations.

But the point is, why do you ask others to meet your expectations?


Life is a gray game

Ren Zhengfei wrote an article, gray scale of management:

Once I talked to a psychology professor. She said that the opposite of black is not white, but not black; the opposite of good is not bad, but bad; the opposite of high is not short, but not high

This is not a word game, but a mode of thinking ignored by ordinary people.

But many people are not. They can only accept one kind of value, one kind of life style and one kind of thinking mode

In their eyes, it is not my race, it must be a fool.

Readers often send messages in the background:

I usually answer: No, just be happy.

In this world, there are people who want to work hard, and there are people who dont want to work hard; there are people who like children, and there are people who dont like children; there are people who like money, and there are people who dont like money; there are people who want to eat meat, and there are people who want to eat vegetarian.

Of course, more people are in the middle of two states, less like it, but less annoying.

Diversity is the main theme of the world. Dont try to change others, and others cant.

Instead of rejecting and hating, and trying to persuade people who are different from themselves, it is better to keep an open mind, remove the guard and feel the beauty and diversity of the world, isnt it good?

Like the nirvana lyrics:

You think Im strange, Im so different; I think youre strange, how can you all be the same?


Its better to think about where you want to go

To put it bluntly, many netizens are also pushed by the so-called mainstream, such as:

I am not saying that this mainstream life is not good, but that many people have not thought about whether this kind of life is what they want.

Most people choose their present life because others are like this, parents ask for it and I dont know what to do.

But still that sentence, when you cant find the direction, the wind from all directions is against the wind.

Wearing other peoples shoes to walk, not confused, not hurt the foot is strange.

Chen Kun once mentioned in the program that his contract with the original company expired in 2010, and many companies gave out olive branches, and they had everything in fame and money.

But he cant sleep, every day in the tangled insomnia until dawn, because he doesnt know how to choose.

Until one morning, when he couldnt sleep, he looked down at the city outside the window and asked himself:

So he turned down all the companys invitation, and set up his own studio to do interior design, animation production, charity and public welfare, whatever he wanted to do.

He said in his speech:

We are easily taken away by others, influenced by the environment, and changed by gains and losses. I dont ask myself what I care about and what I want

Of course, Im not saying that its not good to make money and seek fame, but that you should spend time trying to understand what you want, and then go all out to pursue your own life. Dont be easily influenced by others and the secular world.

If you want to make money, you should try your best to make money. Dont envy other peoples comfort, dont care about others ridicule and accusation. If you want to get rid of the single, you should try to make yourself better, pursue the person you like, and dont want to be an outsider. If you want to stay single, you can enjoy the happiness of being single. Dont succumb to forced marriage, and dont make do with your choice

I know someone will leave a message at this time. Its too hard to understand what you want, to be yourself, and not to be influenced by others

Then you should also want to understand: if you cant do it, then you can only go the other peoples road, cant live the life you want, then dont complain.

As the book Naifei culture manual says:

Dont always focus on what others are doing, think more about what you should do.