Goodbye, Haidilao! Before the times abandoned you, had already said hello

 Goodbye, Haidilao! Before the times abandoned you, had already said hello

Haidilao, an overnight queue,

Finally, we dont have to wait

Two days ago, a hot search shocked many people: Haidilao actually lost money!

In the same period last year, the profit was 912 million yuan, but this year it has become a negative growth of 965 million yuan. This gap makes many people sigh. Haidilao, who walked to the door and heard the warm welcome from the shop assistants, seems to be less busy now.

Haidilaos price increase at the beginning of the year was opposed and resisted by many people. Later, the voice was too loud, and the price increase was honestly withdrawn and returned to the level before the year.

During the epidemic period, due to health and other considerations, Haidilao closed down for a time, neither opening the hall food nor launching takeout.

Until the epidemic situation improved, it was still difficult to order takeout. Not only did the waiting time be long, but also many food materials were out of stock.

Takeout even pays a higher price than a table meal, but does not enjoy the same service.

On the contrary, various hotpot shops are ready for the transformation of the epidemic situation, and many beef hotpot shops are rapidly expanding takeout services, which is both affordable and convenient.

Without the in-house food service, it seems that there is little difference in the taste of hotpot at home. Once a new habit is formed, there is no irreplaceable position for a hard to find fishing boat.


The old overlord,

Coincidentally, the former overlord is also quietly withdrawing from the era.

For example, Daphne, who once occupied the womens shoes market, had a store in almost every commercial street when it was hot. It was very difficult not to meet the same model on the road.

About seven or eight years ago, Daphne was still a medium and high-end brand. Many girls and children entered the pit because of the endorsement of S.H.E., so it would be a long time to have a pair of Daphne.

But since when, girls will never think of Daphne when they buy shoes. Some treasure on a search, new style, cheap womens shoes everywhere, at the same time Daphnes stores are gradually out of sight.

In the middle of this year, Daphne finally couldnt bear it and announced that she would withdraw from physical retail completely.

Always remember a childhood teacher said: there is no winning general in the world.

The famous advertiser diaoye commented:

The old overlord is worried, they are being killed by the new sharp brand. Over the years, everything has changed dramatically.

These old overlords think that as long as they hold on to the sales champion, as long as the public keep in the habit, they will occupy the shopping cart for ever.

However, the public is forgetful. When more fresh and attractive choices appear, the past choice is just a memory of the times, but will not go back.

Tiedas sales champion, running waters network red brand.

China has changed too fast in the past decade. Its hard to imagine that ten years ago, we didnt have many choices. We only recognized big brands that were repeated on TV. Ten years later, marketing and channel changes emerge in endlessly, and consumers have too many choices.

Even my good friends who have immigrated for ten years praise that China is really too convenient now. In a few years, it has turned upside down.

People have to think of the panda live broadcast a few years ago, digging a lot of popular anchor to their own platform. Its a pity that the team is very loose due to the lack of management. The anchors basically fish for three days and dry the net for two days.

In just two or three years, panda live broadcasting has gone from scenery to the end.

Those who only stay in the past and dream of once and for all will be abandoned by the times sooner or later.

You can run slowly, but too many people are running faster than you. While you are resting, they have found a way to surpass you, which you can only catch up with.

Its not other people who beat you, but you who stay where you are.

Not afraid of the ever victorious general,

What we are afraid of is the hero who cant fight to death

Time is fair, because it gives everyone the same opportunity, some people run ahead, others stay behind. Those who rush ahead of time are those heroes who are ready to go, those who never stop and are not afraid of difficulties ahead.

For example, even Ma Yun should be afraid of pinduoduo, from being disliked by everyone to listing in the United States. You may not have bought it, but you must have been swiped by its bargaining link.

Is pinduoduo the only place to go? No, keep expanding. Recently, pinduoduo has spent 1 billion on new community platforms. In some areas, it has been fully in place, ready to start a new round of preemption.

In just thirty, Zhong Xiaoqins boss tells her that God will give everyone a chance at the age of 30. If you can catch it or not, it depends on yourself.

So sometimes its not that the opportunity doesnt come to you, but when the opportunity comes, you go too easy and dont find it.

In the circle of friends, there are several half way media predecessors who work in well-known paper media in the first half of their lives. Running news and writing manuscripts, even if you do it for another ten years, will guarantee stability and considerable income.

But under their 30-year-old watershed, some of them ran away..

Looking back, the paper media industry maintains its original model. The Southern Newspaper has a slightly dimmer light at night, and the people inside have already changed from round to round. Today, we cant buy a newspaper even if we run a few blocks.

Its not just the opponents who beat us, but also the era of rushing by.

The opponent can let you run faster, always eager for new cognition, and comfortable environment makes you gradually numb and lose momentum.

All the world can do easily and effortlessly is poverty and aging, and everything else needs to be done.

Of course, its not to make you fret blindly. It is to recognize the changes in the environment, give yourself some pressure appropriately, and turn the pressure into a driving force for self-improvement and continuous learning.

After work, some people lie in bed on the sofa, brush their mobile phones, watch the drama and watch the live broadcast, and the night goes by. Some people are also brushing their mobile phones to watch the live broadcast, but they watch the live course and brush the industry information. In the past night, there are different results.

Dont talk about blind anxiety. Its a person who is anxious but unwilling to change. When you know what to do next, the anxiety in your heart will only become the motivation to reach the goal.

I think, in this era, no one is willing to stay, and we never lack the opportunity, because everywhere is the opportunity, luck is always the accessory of effort.

With you.