Why are Chinese jewelry surnamed Zhou? These are the only authentic time-honored brands!

 Why are Chinese jewelry surnamed Zhou? These are the only authentic time-honored brands!

Why are Chinese jewelry surnamed Zhou? These are the only real time-honored brands! (source: original)

In fact, these jewellers are not related by blood, and the reason for all surnamed Zhou is pure coincidence and imitation. Among the above brands, only the founders of Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng and Zhou Dasheng are really surnamed Zhou. The first two were born in Hong Kong and are the originators of Zhous jewelry; while Zhou Dasheng was born in mainland China.

Zhou Dafu was founded first. In 1929, Zhou Zhiyuan, a Shunde native, opened a zhoudafu gold shop in Guangzhou. However, due to the war, Zhou Zhiyuan moved his family to Macao. In the 1950s, Chow Tai Fook became famous in Hong Kong with the four nines. However, the key figure was a grassroots worker. We will tell you more about this legend later. At present, Chow Tai Fook is the worlds largest pure jeweler by market value, with 2600 stores in the mainland. Its annual sales volume ranks first in the market. It can be said that it is the big brother of Zhous jewelry.

Zhou Shengshengs founder is Zhou Fangpu, but he has no blood relationship with Zhou Zhiyuan. Coincidentally, because of the war, Zhou Fangpu and Zhou Zhiyuan moved to Macao in the same year. After that, Zhou Fangpu left the business to his three sons. Compared with Chow Tai Fook, Zhou Shengshengs pace of development is slow, but in the listing of this matter is a step ahead. In 1973, Zhou Shengsheng became the first listed jewelry company in Hong Kong. At present, there are 606 stores in the mainland.

Zhou Dasheng appeared more than 60 years later than his two predecessors. Did many people mistakenly think that it was a sub brand of Zhou Dafu or Zhou Shengsheng? After all, the name does sound like the first two big brothers emmmu2026u2026 The crystallization of love. In fact, the founder of Zhou Dasheng, named Zhou Zongwen, is an entrepreneur growing up in the wave of reform and opening up. In 1988, instead of following the trend of going into the sea to start a business, he chose to be the director of a jewelry factory. After understanding the operation of jewelry, he pushed Zhou Dasheng into the mainland market in 1992. At present, the little brother has 4011 stores across the country.

As mentioned above, the success of Chow Tai Fook is inseparable from a grassroots worker, Zheng Yutong.

At that time, as a teenager, he came to zhoutai Fook store to work. Zheng Yutongs family was not good, but he worked very hard and was very business minded. He often went to competitors stores to observe their sales methods and come back to formulate strategies. This attracted Zhou Zhiyuans attention. He simply gave him a branch in Hong Kong. Zheng Yutong did not live up to his trust and made his business prosperous. In 1943, Zheng Yutong was promoted to be in charge of Zhou Dafu gold company. In the same year, he married Zhou Cuiying, the daughter of Zhou Zhiyuan.

Look, this is go to the top of life to marry Bai Fumei!

But Zheng Yutong is not satisfied with this.

In the gold and silver trading market of Hong Kong in the 1950s, the quality of gold was mostly 99% (that is, 99% of gold).

But at that time, the quality of gold on the market was very chaotic, and the phenomenon of insufficient composition occurred from time to time. Aiming at this opportunity, Zheng Yutong initiated the four nine full gold in 1956 (that is, the gold quality was 99.99%). Every product was printed with thousands of full gold words. Once the high-quality gold was put into the market, it became the standard of gold jewelry industry in Hong Kong.

Zhou Tai Fu became famous at one stroke. As a result, Zheng Yutong won the title of king of jewelry and turned from a wage earner to one of the four richest people in Hong Kong. After finishing the development process of these three companies, lets take a look at how they encircle money, ah, no, how they operate in the 21st century.

The industry chain of Chinas jewelry industry is divided into three parts: the upstream mainly refers to the purchase of raw materials, and the jewelry merchants obtain profits through resource monopoly and wholesale price difference; the middle reaches refers to the research and development, design and production of jewelry; the downstream includes wholesale and terminal retail, and the brand makes money in the upstream and downstream links.

At the same time, Chow Tai Fook has also innovated its production mode in recent years, integrating midstream production with downstream sales, and launched the concept of customer to factory (c2m). In 2016, it launched the d-one jewelry customization online platform in the mainland market for the first time. Customers can DIY diamonds and styles according to their preferences. In addition, it also opened a young brand monologue, jewelry generally lower prices, more in line with the consumption level of young people. Always meet the needs of customers, money is easy to earn. In Deloittes 2018 global luxury 100 list, Chow Tai Fook is the only Chinese Hong Kong funded brand to be selected in the top 10, which is strongly superior to Hermes and Rolex

Zhou Shengsheng adopts the mode of self-employed stores, and the number of its stores is not high. However, because of this, it is easy to turn around and is more flexible in market strategy. For example, combining with Yin and Yang masters, pirate king, hellokitty and other hot IP, we have got rid of the stereotype that gold is old-fashioned.

His younger brother, Zhou Dasheng, adopted the company strategy of mainly joining in. Among the 4011 stores in China, there are 3733 franchise stores alone. This mode can make the company quickly occupy the market. In addition, Zhou Dasheng is a big spendthrift in marketing. It carries out all-round and multi-level marketing by means of brand spokesperson, advertising, film and TV series implantation, etc.

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After finishing the history of Zhous jewelry, lets go back to the original question: Why are there so many Zhous jewelry?

In fact, its easy to understand that the three brothers of the Zhou family are powerful in the jewelry industry. In the eyes of many peers, the word Zhou has its own halo! Whether its for luck, or for some other reason, lets go back to Zhou first!

For exampleu2014u2014

Zhou Jinsheng, Zhou Fusheng, Zhou Baifu, Zhou Dazhou, Zhou Dafa, Zhou Fuzi

None of the above boss is really surnamed Zhou. In addition to Zhou XX, Liufu is also the object of imitation.

In 1991, Liufu jewelry was founded in Hong Kong. With the commercial expansion of Liufu jewelry in the Asia Pacific region, it has not been able to escape the fate of being imitated, such asu2014u2014

When we look at the whole commodity industry, we will find that imitation never stops. Such as Yue Li Yue, Zhong Cui, Kang Shuai Fu

Although it may seem ridiculous and even funny, in fact, these enterprises have been on the verge of breaking the law.

Article 57 of Chinas trademark law stipulates that without the permission of the trademark registrant, the use of a trademark similar to its registered trademark on the same kind of goods, or the use of a trademark identical or similar to its registered trademark on similar goods, may easily lead to confusion.

However, because the degree of similarity is not well defined, there are still opportunities for some Shanzhai brands.

For example, Haidilao recently took hedilao to court. However, the courts judgment is that although there are two words Dilao, the overall font is different. Moreover, hedilao is actually a Hunan restaurant, which has no connection with hotpot; therefore, the court held that such a trademark would not cause misunderstanding to consumers, and thus the claim of Haidilao was rejected.

Many times, the rights and interests of brands can not be fully protected by law. Forced to be helpless, brands in order to protect their own trademark rights, can only start first for the strong: rush to register similar trademarks.

And its a trademark battle that tests imagination and makes people laugh and twitch.

For example, Laoganma, a famous seasoning brand, has registered all her relatives, including but not limited to Godfather, laoganniang, dried son, dried daughter, and even (pause) even dry Mom.

However, a hundred secrets! It seems that they only care about color, but they forget big Japanese rabbit, big mortar rabbit and big white immunity.

I dont know if he was inspired by the old Ganma. Ma Yun scrambled to register Ali mother, Ali brother, Ali uncle, Ali grandma, and even Ali baby and Ali trial. Put all the trademarks together, enough to play two mahjong tables.

Millet company is extremely sensitive to color, orange green yellow orange blue black purple rice all registered.

But then again, its funny. Only through this kind of bad strategy can enterprises prevent being counterfeited and counterfeited. However, loopholes always exist. People who exploit loopholes can always think of names you cant think of.

The establishment and success of a brand is never a matter of a day. Behind it may be the efforts and efforts of a generation or even several generations. In the face of dazzling Shanzhai, they should not leave a sigh of the road is one foot high, the devil is ten feet high.

Fortunately, the relevant laws and regulations on trademarks are being gradually improved, and banniang really hopes that all the sisters in front of the screen are real gold and real delicious!

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