The victims home is surrounded by many people

 The victims home is surrounded by many people

Chen Qiaofengs mother told Red Star news that they had called the police and the local police had sent police to wait all night near their home to protect the safety of the Chen family. A local police station staff also confirmed the incident to the Red Star News reporter, and said that at present, under the protection of the police force, Qiaofengs family is safe..

According to the video released by neighbors near Chen Qiaofengs home, Red Star News reporter saw that there were many people gathered downstairs of Chen Qiaofengs house, suspected relatives of the criminal Wu Yidong. In the video, the suspected relatives of the murderer spoke fiercely to the police who came to maintain order.

The suspect relatives in the video spoke fiercely to the police who came to maintain order

According to Chen Qiaofengs mother, Wu Yidong and Chen Qiaofeng are more than 40 kilometers away from each other. These people should have gathered in their own downstairs. Since August 31, Ive been here every day and I havent left, Chen Qiaofengs mother told Red Star News. She saw Wu Yidongs parents among the crowd waiting for her downstairs. His father also stood with his brother, saying that the three brothers are one heart. Chen Qiaofengs mother said she was scared by the comments.

According to previous reports by Red Star News, Chen Qiaofeng, then 22, was killed in public by his ex boyfriend Wu Yidong in a shopping mall in downtown Cixi, Zhejiang Province, on the evening of August 1, 2018. According to Chen Qiaofengs mother, her daughter, Qiao Feng, had been beaten repeatedly by Wu Yidong during her contacts with him. The other side had used her money in the absence of Qiao Feng and forced tiktok to shoot the video and make videos. After Qiaofeng broke up, Wu Yidong tracked, threatened and harassed Qiaofeng for a long time. After being rejected for many times, Wu Yidong followed Qiaofeng all the way from his work place and stabbed Qiaofengs abdomen and neck with a sharp knife in front of a doll clamping machine in the downtown shopping mall. Qiao Feng died of acute massive hemorrhage.

A photo of Chen Qiaofeng when he was working

Chen Qiaofengs mother told Red Star news that after two years of waiting, she finally got the news of the murderers ambush. She said that because she was too emotional and weak, she could not go to Qiaofengs tomb to tell her daughter, so she stayed in front of her daughters bedroom all night and told her the news over and over.

But what Chen Qiaofengs mother couldnt understand was that it was Wu Yidong who took my daughters life. They didnt have an apology to my family, but after Wu Yidong was punished by law, they still gathered in my house to make trouble, which is unacceptable to me.. Because there were young children at home, they were frightened by the scene outside the door and cried all the time. But Chen Qiaofengs mother chose to call the police. I saw that there were about 20 or 30 people gathered downstairs. We were very afraid, so we called the police, and the police came soon. The police have been protecting us around our house for the past two days. As of the afternoon of September 2, before the press release, Qiao Fengs mother said that Wu Yidongs family members had not left.

At present, the local police have sent police to protect the safety of Chens family

As for the reason why these people gathered outside the home of Qiaofeng, and the identity of these people, the Red Star News reporter repeatedly called Wu Yidongs cousin Ms. Wu for verification. As of the time of the reporters publication, the other party did not respond.

A staff member of the local police told Red Star news that the police had been aware of the incident and had been protecting the safety of Qiao Fengs family members.

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The murderer was sentenced to death mother: no apology

At about 9:00 p.m. on August 1, 2018, a girl was killed by her ex boyfriend in a shopping mall in Cixi, Zhejiang Province. Xiao Chen was a local preschool dance teacher, aged 22, and she was a net red with nearly 400 thousand fans and about 3000000 tiktok. On May 30, Zhejiang Ningbo intermediate court pronounced a sentence in the first instance of the case, and the court sentenced Wu to death for intentional homicide.

In early 2017, Xiao Chen and Wu developed into male and female friends after they met. During this period, the two people have broken up many times and then reunited. Until July 2018, after the two broke up, Xiao Chen no longer paid attention to Wu, but Wu was still entangled for many times and wanted to get back together. Before the crime, Xiao Chen went to see a movie. Wu once madly called Xiao Chen and threatened by SMS. After Xiao Chen entered the mall, Wu put on a mask and took a fruit knife. He wrapped the red clothes on his car and ran after Xiao Chen. Later, Wu caught up with her and forced her to the doll shop opposite the cinema. In the quarrel, Wu forcibly hugged Xiao Chen who wanted to leave, and then stabbed her abdomen and neck with a knife, resulting in her acute massive hemorrhage.

On May 30, Ningbo intermediate court sentenced Wu to death for intentional homicide in the first instance.

Xiao Chens mothers mother told Beiqing newspaper that after the incident, they did not receive Wus apology in any way, even in the court, he did not apologize to us. Xiao Chens mother said on her microblog: daughter, how much I hope time can stay on the day before you leave the world, so that your mother can hold you and make you look like a grown-up child. Listen to you talk about your little troubles in life and listen to you call your mother again.

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