Creed reveals the secret behind the trailer palindrome of time space war

 Creed reveals the secret behind the trailer palindrome of time space war

The exposure of the time and space war version of the preview shocked to reveal the film creed the core of the story: This is not a journey of time, but a reversal of time and space. This time, director Nolan, who enjoys the reputation of time magician, makes invisible time into a tangible weapon, and a space-time counter war to save the world starts. The water puddle recovered like a mirror, the bullet shot back into the pistol, the bullet hole disappeared, the wrecked car returned to normal, and the high-rise buildings were successively blasted in both positive and reverse directions All kinds of fantastic spectacles are eye opening. Unprecedented reverse time and space, even the protagonist agent also said, we try to adapt.. For the first time, director Nolan presents the combination of forward and reverse time lines on the screen. He also creates time pincers of positive and negative time and space attack in the space-time counter war, and develops a new tactics with time as the weapon, presenting a wonderful war that makes the audience refreshing. In the creed, the n-play of time and space is all the same. The title tenet has the same palindrome structure as reverse reading, which also implies the mystery of space-time reversal.

After the film creed opened overseas, the box office performance was excellent. In the first week, it grossed 53 million US dollars, occupying the top box office list of 32 countries and regions, setting the best opening performance of Nolan films in 9 countries and regions, far exceeding the industrys expectations, boosting the recovery of the global film market. The film not only gains the praise of foreign media, but also leaves sequelae of creed to the ordinary audience by virtue of the shocking spectacle of time and space reversal. Foreign netizens have shown their funny videos of walking backward out of the cinema, riding backward, walking backward and typing messages backward after watching the creed. They cant help but sigh! He was optimistic about Tiaoxin, which once again confirmed that Nolans products must be high-quality products. As soon as nuoshen launched a new round of movie watching boom. At the same time, many behind the scenes anecdotes of the director and the leading actor have also been exposed, becoming a hot topic for netizens. Among them, diligent and thrifty, good Nolan makes people see that after the director has made a lot of money to buy an airplane, he still has a surprising God reversal. Others think this is an impulse consumption. In fact, the director took down the expensive engine and sold it for a good price before he actually shot the plane.

The creed is produced by Warner Bros. and directed by Christopher Nolan, and co stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debbie, Kenneth braner, and Michael Kane. The film will be released on September 4.

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